Jeremie Leroy support?

Hello all,

I purchased the Custom UI plugin from over a week ago and have not been able to get the controls working. In fact I can’t even get the demo that ships with the plugins to run. I have reached out for tech support a few times now and have not gotten a response. Checked the spam folder to make sure I’m not missing anything, and there’s indeed just no response.

Wondering if anyone else has either had any luck getting the controls to run on 2017R3 or in reaching someone at recently. To be fair, it’s only been 8 days and plenty of people take vacations that last that long (generally they have a nice professional auto-response when that’s the case). But my project is ready to ship, I just need to skin it and I’m at a standstill at the moment.

If I’m not able to get the controls working I will probably contact PayPal to file a chargeback. I hate doing that, especially to a small software vendor that has seemingly contributed a lot to the Xojo community, but I’m not going to throw away $200 on something that doesn’t work and I can’t get support on.

@JrmieLeroy was always fast to answer my questions. Maybe he will see this tag quickly.

Ah, thank you, a forum tag is a good idea. I’m certainly a reasonable person and I understand there are plenty of forgivable reasons for delayed responses, I’m guilty of them myself sometimes. But a forum search showed others in the past that had the same problems getting replies, hence my apprehension. Thanks for your reply.

Just curious, have you gotten a reply yet?

I have not.

FYI… he has posted here twice in the past few days… and was logged onto this forum just 2 hours ago… so he is “around”

Thanks @Dave S, although I’m not sure if that’s better or worse, haha.

One important lesson to learn here : don’t by anything from this developer because his customer support is poor like this thread proves.

This is hollyday time (in education) in France now (second and last week for winter).

Shouldn’t be that hard to have an automated email reply stating that he is on holidays…

No, but a true hell for listmoms…

True, but those are not well written auto-responders then… I have no idea what we use at work, but I only get the auto-responder once, for a given email address…

Even if he didn’t want to go the auto-responder route, he could have put something up on his website/blog/social sites/etc…


One would expect that whatever is preventing a reply is something ‘serious’.
As an independant developer with lots of end users, I dont recall having had a genuine ‘day off the grid’ for 15 years… :wink:
am i the only one who fields calls at xmas?

I’ve certainly answered tech support emails on every holiday, every weekend, after midnight (some times), etc. So, no. Definitely not. I’ve even answer support emails while camping. Hard to do anywhere without at least minimal cell coverage.

Seems you are a slave to your customers. :slight_smile:

Hardly. I don’t think it’s a burden to spend 5 minutes answering an email. Most answers are pretty straightforward.

I’m still confused about the absence of Jeremie. He used to be super responsive.

I can’t answer that but it’s not the first time this type of thread has occurred.

The chances that he is not aware of this thread is next to ZERO… as he has posted on the forum just about every day this week, and was logged in just minutes ago. I would think that if he could do that, he could at least take 10 seconds to say something…
I (like Bob) at least respond to every email/post I see, even if to say it will take a bit to resolve the issue in question