Is your App too fast?

From TidBITS:

Maybe Xojo need to add a new function: SLOW_DOWN.

I remember years ago that a utility that broke WordPerfect document passwords had to do this to give the impression that it was “hard”.

Ha ha

or the infamous “put a progress bar on there and even though its actually slower folks think its faster” :slight_smile:
done that one several times

I made a small app for work and my boss did say it started up to fast and asked if i was sure I built it right. I stuck in a splash screen that displayed messages like “Please wait…gathering information” , so basically took an extra 2 minutes for the application to start for nothing and my boss thought it was awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

No need for this for me - my programs are incompetently and inefficiently written, thereby being naturally a bit slow. :wink:

There’s me busting my nut trying to optimize my application! I’m always going against the grain.

Anyone remember the ‘TURBO’ button on 386 machines that slowed them down?
I gather it was to allow DOS based games to run at ‘the right speed’

[code]Sub Slow_The_Eff_Down(Duration as Integer)
//Duration in Seconds

dim Finished as integer

While Microseconds<Finished

if Microseconds Mod 1000000 = 0 then // Flash the hard disk lights every second
  dim f as new FolderItem=app.ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent.Child("Resources").Child("tempfile.$$$")
  if f.exists then f.Delete
  dim t as TextOutputStream = TextOutputStream.create(f)
  t.write("BLAH BLAH BLAH")
end if

End Sub

If a user complains that startup on Windows 10 takes over 10 seconds, and the window does a lots of ‘flashing’; I should tell them it a ‘feature’.?

This must be the reason InDesign is getting slower and tends to crash more often with each update. I’m so glad I did not install one of the latest that deleted the first folder of your user folder …

Adobe is a good example of what happens when subcontract to some far away Asian people. Bloated and inefficient code. Heck, I regret Photoshop from before.

The latest version of IndesignCC seems to require the latest, fastest, top-end computer (at least on the Mac side), otherwise it takes forever to open and gets sluggish at times. This also applies to the other Creative Suite applications from what I’ve seen. I don’t have one of those fancy new black tubes, but my machine isn’t that old (mid 2012) plus I have plenty of RAM.

The splash screens are pretty, though.

She also explains how to keep programmers from wasting, the horror, an entire microsecond

I may have told this story before… if so, just quit reading if you’ve heard it before :slight_smile:

Years ago, my roommate at the time worked for a Defense Contractor… so what he did was all classified. He came home one night all pissed off, I asked him the issue, and it was “I can’t tell you, I’d have to kill you”. So I said, “Forget the details, give me a general description”… So he says he wrote this app, and the “powers that be” said it was way too slow, and he couldn’t figure out how to speed it up (note this was the early 80’s). I asked him to describe (without details) what the process flow was, and he said something like this

  • User enters creditials
  • Menu screen appears (remember, 1980’s BM= before mice)
  • an item is selected via the keyboard
  • screen clears (old style terminals)
  • program processes request
  • answer is display
  • user hits enter, goes back to menu

I told him how to make it much much faster without knowing any of the code…


Swap the two steps

  • screen clears (old style terminals)
  • program processes request


  • program processes request
  • screen clears (old style terminals)

Before the user was staring at a BLANK screen while it processed, swapping those two lines, they stared at the menu until the processing was complete.

So the next day, he did that… demo’d it again… and they were THRILLED… wondering how he increased the speed so much. Not knowing that the actual processing time was EXACTLY the same as it had been before… it was the PERCEPTION that changed.

Never did find out what it was that program actually did…

Another solution: Use bigger hardware!

You mean the ones from three years ago? It ticks me off that Apple is so slow to update their hardware. They know software requirements increase year after year, yet we professional users get no love.

This is sadly very true. I often see background processes in ID’s background monitor that delay every screen refresh horribly. Usually I work without page palette preview and keep preflight off – these were things that worked nicely and really in the background in former days. It doesn’t help that the newest version renders the preview on the GPU if all threads are busy doing different things.
And that’s on a 4 GHz Retina iMac with 32 GB of RAM and a Fusion drive which usually is everything else than slow.

I was hoping for a beta release of Affinity Layout this year but so far no signs of it.
I do have a VivaPress license too but I ran into missing features too often in the past.

Agreed. Although I must say I wish they would put more emphasis on the application quality than into high-end splash screen designs.
And Adobe’s inability to cope with different mission control screens … I cannot say how much I dislike it, to stay polite!

move your fusiondrive to a real ssd and you will get almost 3x faster mac.

My apps are usually too fast when doing automation. It takes a certain amount of time for: a motor to spin, a sensor to sense, and getting many data points to be averaged for a reasonable number (temperature?) to be produced. The computer world always seems to be fast, and interacting with the real world always seems to be slow.