Is there a big UK Xojo Following?

Just interested to hear from any UK based Xojo developers?

we are from london…

Hi Richard, I’m Nottingham but actually working in London at the moment. Do you know if there are many in the Uk? Is it your full time job? It is actually a second job to me at the moment but I’m hoping to expand and become a full time developer.

yes… this is my full time job… being to RS/Xojo conference twice in Orlando. Attended events in Birmingham and London and once in Germany. There are a numbers of UK based developers.

Yes, I would have liked to go to the Orlando event. So do you develop apps solely in RB/Xojo?

yes… I do… on the iMac. we also support MS-Access based application on the Windows

We have over 100 plugin users in the UK :slight_smile:

Oxford here…would like contact with other xojo\2012 users. Not a pro but want to learn without feeling like a fool as happens when you post on these boards, alas! Bring back the old boards they were much friendlier.

I’m from Kent. I’ve been a programmer for over 20 years mainly Informix database related apps. I’ve only been using Realbasic/Xojo for a couple of months so still learning as much as I can.

I’m from Bath.
Testing away to see if I can work up the nerve to replace a live PHP project with a Xojo Web port…

South East London here…

i’m in Salford. We have had a couple of UK Developer Conferences, one in Leicester and one in Birmingham over the last couple of years, so maybe there will be another one soon?

I’m based in Cambridge and while not a full time developer I use Xojo to help process files for my day job in Survey Analysis.
I’d be interested in meeting up and learning some more tips from the professionals!

I’m from Cheshire, although I’ve been based in the Middle East for many years. I progressed from Visual Basic to REALbasic / Real Studio / Xojo in 2008, and I am just now starting to find my way with web applications.[quote=18833:@Nick Pay]Not a pro but want to learn without feeling like a fool as happens when you post on these boards[/quote]
You certainly don’t give that impression Nick! There is always something to learn and many members of this forum have posted some very helpful tips, code snippets and links. I find it a very friendly forum.

I have to agree Richard. I am ex VB then moved to RB now Xojo and use the forums all the time. I find everyone very helpful. I even try and give help out where I can. Nick, I would say don’t worry about it, just ask what you need to, if someone makes you feel like that then don’t respond to their post, there are many others who will help you.

I’m British but now live in DC :slight_smile:

No allowed then. ha ha :wink:

I can still get my teabags, Crunchies, Lion Bars & Jammie Dodgers! :slight_smile:

[quote=18956:@Richard Gorbutt]I can still get my teabags, Crunchies, Lion Bars & Jammie Dodgers! :)[/quote]How about Marmite, black pudding and Horlicks? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Marmite easy (Bovril not as meat based!), Black Pudding is a no (US made stuff called Blood pudding can be found) and never cared for Horlicks anyway :slight_smile:

Actually eating a Crunchie as I type this!