Is chatGPT good enough?

Here’s a chatGPT reply. Is it correct to say that ‘Xojo’s ListBox doesn’t natively support text formatting within cells’?

To add highlighting to the parts of the search results that match the search query and to display a spinner during the search, you can follow these steps:

  1. Highlight Matching Parts: You’ll need to manipulate the text to highlight the matching parts. Xojo’s ListBox doesn’t natively support text formatting within cells, so you’ll have to use a workaround, such as using a Canvas or an HTMLViewer in a cell to display rich text.

That’s a ridiculous answer.


Look at the Documentation:

ListBox: Here

How to set some characters of a Cell to Bold

Look for other styles there.

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ChatGPT is only able to tell what someone gave it previously.

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Like most of us… :person_shrugging:

You are correct, but there are ChatGPT believers at large !


ChatGPT isn’t trained well enough on Xojo specific needs to be useful answering questions you don’t already know to find the answer for.

I continually check in to see if it gets any better. Recently, I gave it a chance to assist writing a Windows declare. It provided a declare to execute a Shell command to perform the task I asked it to do natively without Shell. :man_facepalming:

It can be fun to toy with (and can even be useful sometimes) but it is not a good learning tool for Xojo at this time.