Interest for a Xojo event in London?

The conference in Scheveningen was a great success.

How is interest for an event in or nearby London?

Maybe end of November?
I’ll soon make a survey :slight_smile:


November will be fine with us.

I got notice that Eric and Stephen will not do the event in Birmingham, so this would be a replacement.

As I have much more Xojo users in my database for London area than for Birmingham or midlands, I’d favor to make it there.
Not necessary in the city itself. Could be more outside where rooms and hotels may be more affordable.

Years ago we had a two day event in wimbledon (Training + conference).

Sounds good to me.

I think Pancras Square in London would be the a good location. Here the train from Brussels arrives and it seems there are many opportunities for a nice stay.

made new post with doodle query:

Hi Christian, November would be fine with me.

Please sign on for the doodle survey.

Just registred on Christians site for the XOJO CON in London on November, 27th and looking forward.

I am traveling from Germany using the long-distance-night-bus for approx 120 EUR (2-Way ticket) and will arrive on 26th and leave on Sunday evening.

On my last trip to London I bought the 3 Day London Pass for £89.00 which in my mind is far better than the Oyster Card for public transportation and you make huge savings if you stay a bit longer and discover the sightseeings. The day before and the weekend after I definitely will make the City more unsafe :wink:

Who’s else coming? Looking forward to meet you all, esp all who were in Koblenz last year!
And any more hints and suggestions are welcome…

You might want to post this in:-

as well.

I’ll register quite soon - ( just waiting to confirm a clear diary for those days for another potential attendee - if he can’t make it I’ll be booklng myself anyway ) - so looking forward to it.

Hi Chris, Thank you, yes I will do so…

In London ?

I just don’t like big city’s .

Well, that’s the reason we are staying more outside and you can of course take a car and drive to the country side further to south.

you can get down to portsmouth in one and a half hour and visit the historical dockyard to see the mary rose and his victory

[quote=223527:@Joost Rongen]I just don’t like big city’s .[/quote]How about little cities?

Cambridge and Ely are easily accessible from London by train. They’re both on the same line, Cambridge first then Ely. Cambridge is around an hour away and Ely a further 20 minutes (approx).



Ja Joost in London, I love the City and there are really great places to stay. But I guess there is no in between. You love it or you hate it.

Kent and East Sussex are also lovley but not in November. I often traveled there in my cabrio, funny to use wrong lane :wink: and driving on and through the train in Eurotunnel.

FYI for next year: I doubt you’ll get many takers from the US on that date since it’s the day after Thanksgiving here.

I recommend the World Heritage city of Bath.
A mere hour and a half from London by train, or 20 minutes flat out in a Ferrari.

And it means I wouldn’t have to go very far.
You’re all welcome to stay at mine, unless the wife finds out. In which case she will be indiscriminate in her slaying …

@Kem Tekinay we go with Black Friday as your American clients all recover from thanks giving so we have a free day :wink:

And people voted for that day.