Interest for a Xojo event in London?

Just do Thanksgiving on the right day like us Canadians do :slight_smile:

[quote=223581:@Tomas Jakobs]I often traveled there in my cabrio, funny to use wrong lane :wink: [/quote]The reason the British pass with their right hands closest to each other dates back to the days of knights on horseback, most people are right handed and by passing that way you were ready to fight if necessary. As I understand it that was the tradition right across Europe before the French revolution. In France, before the revolution, the aristocrats drove their carriages up the left hand side of the road and the citoyens had to use the right. I’ve read Napoleon introduced the keep right law as a demonstration of power, perhaps just to thumb his nose at any aristocrats who hadn’t yet been decapitated.

Napoleon went on to take control of much of Europe

but of course he failed in his attempts to conquer old Blighty which is why we still do it the old way.

Dear Friends, we wanted to give you some great reasons for coming to the XOJO Conference on November 27th.

Wimbledon is a World famous town known for hosting the greatest tennis championship each year. But Wimbledon is so much than just tennis. It is a great place for theatre, shopping, restaurants, village life, farmers markets, horse riding, Windmills and Wombles. It is a great place to bring families. Even the Pope has a house in Wimbledon. Please see

Wimbledon is also World famous as the home of Pantomine and has a very historic and grand theatre which throughout the year lavish productions, normally seen in the West End, are staged here. When you are here the show An Inspector Calls will be showing. This show is a brilliantly compelling and haunting thriller. Please see

In Wimbledon we also have London’s only Children’s theatre which is opposite the conference. The Polka Theatre is World class theatre for children. When you are here there is a lavish production of Beauty and the Beast. Please see

In Wimbledon we also have London’s only country house hotel, Cannizaro House for those wishing to have an extravagant stay in London. Situated on the West side of beautiful Wimbledon Common (home also to a famous Windmill where the Boy Scouts movement started), this romantic 300 year old hotel is lavish and inviting. Please see

We have over 200 restaurants and bars in Wimbledon with food of every type and recently an extremely nice ice cream place opened, just across the road from the conference venue.

In Wimbledon, we have a beautiful village where town meets country. Here you can do fine shopping, visit Art Galleries and Go Horse riding. Please see

Wimbledon also has London’s only riverside village where you can make pottery, see the water mills and London’s hidden river, the Wandle. Merton Abbey Mills is the only place where a king was crowned outside of Westminster Abbey. Please see

On the day of the conference, the Christmas market starts just a very short distance from the conference. There will be Market stalls, music, parades and fireworks throughout the weekend.

And of course Wimbledon is famous for where Lara Croft and TombRaider was created by Eidos, Lord Nelson, William Morris, William Pitt, Robert Graves, James Hunt, Andy Murray, Vinnie Jones and other notable residents past and present.

So please do come to the XOJO conference and bring your family to take part is some great events in our lovely town and make have a weekend stay. We have great transportation links being able to get to the West End in 15 minutes, the City is 20 minutes and to St. Pancras international in 30 minutes.

We will be having a XOJO Christmas cake and other nice surprises.

Looking forward for your cake Richard, and Steve, I am very happy about Waterloo though they missed to change that odd thing with lanes :slight_smile:

we will give you an extra large slice

in the meantime I’ll study british translation table, hopfully will know this on November, the 27th :wink:

We also got a few discounted rooms reserved by the hotel.
If you need a room, the hotel has a good offer which I forward to all registered attendees.

Wimbledon is the home of the panto??
Well I never

If you are theatre bound, see "peter pan goes wrong’
I could not breathe with laughing…

Still hoping to get to this thing but can’t commit yet… :frowning:

Oh no it isn’t…

Oh yes it is

as hotel contingent expires tomorrow, I made a note on the blog about it:

if you hesitate to sign up, you may miss the chance to get a room.