IDE is a royal pain the a . . .

And if the choice is:

add 64bits compile Complete the 64Bits feature vs Release a better IDE…

you know what the choice will be.

I was making some sorts on my external hard disks yesterday and falled on 2012 (and older) screen shots of the feedback Top Cases window… most of what was there is still here nowadays (64 Bits compilations was here, but no more, and you know its real situation: it have to be completed).

No fun at all.

We all have different priorities. For some, nit picking about the IDE is apparently center to their interest.

For others, it is being able to provide up to date applications that run on current hardware. 64 bit is not a luxury for Linux, and even less for Web Applications that have to run on hosts that no longer support 32 bit apps. It is a life and death situation, where 32 bit apps simply cannot run.

Between a better dashboard and a newer engine, what is more important in a car ?

TTM (Time to market)…

When you drove a Citröen DS or CX, the dashboard was more important than the engine. Not true for the Citröen SM though…

A car without an engine can have the most beautiful dashboard, it is junk.

For Linux and Web Edition, 64 bit is not an option, it is an imperative necessity. Without it, Xojo programmers will have to move to other tools. Without 64 bit the IDE can be stupendous, it will be a dinosaur for whomever cannot live with 32 bit anymore. Pretty much like an SM…

Obviously you never drove a Citröen or you would have understood that I was joking…

Citro… What ?

6 troncs hein ?

Come on Xojo guys . . . . Five more crashes last night. Ten minutes to compile a program? This is insane … Stop spending all your time marketing and trying to add features.


None of us has been able to reproduce the things you have reported so far (#28036 and #28459)
Thats on real hardware and vm’s of various configs running windows xp through to windows 10

Turn on minidumps (see

I have gotten several IDE crashes this week. Each time I lost some work because I had not saved… When it happened I was more intent on redoing the work before I forgot what I did than trying to figure out what causes it…

I know my bad… I should have tried to figure it out and report it, but I was very into trying to get something finished.

In any case I can confirm that IDE crashes are not that rare with the current release.

  • Karen (who is trying to remember to save more often)

Man, I save practically after every keystroke even though the ide rarely crashes on me.

With 2015R3.1 on Windows 7 VM-Parallels 11, I had three IDE-crashes on just one day last week. Just careful not to spread rumors before being able to reproduce, but it does concern me a bit. Think each time I was doing something within the inspector related to a containercontrol, but since it happened unexpected it’s hard to know exactly what caused it.

Sadly Windows doesn’t give us the best or most useful crash reports
But if you turn minidumps on and it crashes (ie/ not an assertion or unhandled exception) they CAN help track down issues

Assertions & unhandled exceptions should end up with a report that can be filed by feedback
And those can also be useful

I can definitively say is no report means it won’t get looked at or fixed
Reports dont always mean it WILL get fixed but they have a better than 0 chance if they are reported

Let’s work together to figure this out, see what information can be gathered to help getting closer to a fix. Shouting doesn’t help, that’s for sure.

Just another bullet point, I’m on Windows 7 and have not had the IDE crash once, and I don’t have any container controls in the project I am working on since the 3.1 release. So maybe it is worth digging into what Joost said.

I’d love to help John and diagnose what causes his issue
But there’s no report with his project in any form
Robin regularly tests all lots of projects & the IDE (which is chock full of containers)
And I regularly run the IDE running the IDE sources - again piles of containers
So I have no idea what the issue John’s experiencing or why
And without a report or his project to examine, as it could be his specific project, I cant do much to help
Would love to but I cant fix anything based on this

[quote=232167:@John Scanlan]Come on Xojo guys . . . . Five more crashes last night. Ten minutes to compile a program? This is insane … Stop spending all your time marketing and trying to add features.

MAKE XOJO WORK !!![/quote]

Thanks all for acknowledging that there are problems. When the IDE crashes there’s no option to uploading the problem, but if you want to look at my project I can send it.

That’s the right spirit, John! Also Joost idea of working together sounds great. These spirits makes the Xojo community great!

Hope these problems are solved very soon. One way or the other, but Xojo will get where it wants to be.

I had many crashes too, but after uninstalling Avast antivirus the crashes were much less frequently.
Most crashes i had were when trying examples posted here on the forum that were uploaded from Mac’s.
I don’t know if the source can be of influence however.
My pc runs Windows 10 and one of the imported improvements of Windows 10 that freeing of no longer used memory is much faster than in Windows 7 and 8. Maybe there is a memory problem?