IDE is a royal pain the a . . .

I’ve spent more time tonight waiting for the IDE to reboot and do the initial compiling of my app. It has crashed seven times in the past four hours and takes at least ten minutes to do the initial compile.

What do the crash logs say for the IDE? They might give you insight into what’s causing the crash.

Try clearing caches and restart your 'puter

I’ve restarted it over and over. Where are the crash logs?

Mac or Windows? Mac is user/Libray/Logs if I remember correctly (not in front of my Mac at the moment).

But the IDE crashes all the time…

It does?
been using RealBasic/RealStudio/XOJO since 2007 and cannot recall a single IDE crash

The IDE crashes on me but only when I’m debugging two projects simultaneously, like a server and client, and even then only occasionally. Other than that, no, it’s quite stable.

The REALbasic Windows version crashed all the time (I mean hundreds of times over a few year period) on me. But on Xojo, maybe once or twice since it came out on Windows, and I spend 98% of my time in the Windows version.

Good practice when sharing this sort of unfortunate occasions, provide all information like versionnumber, platform, plugins etc. What you want to achieve is that other developers can give it a try to reproduce the problem in order to gain additional information for the Xojo Inc. team in case it needs a fix.

I know it is probably aggravating to hear ‘everything is fine here’, but as I spend hours and hours a day in the IDE both in Mac and Windows, I have seldom see the IDE crashing. And when it did, I faithfully sent my report as offered by the IDE.

That said, I know there are ways to reproducibly crash the IDE, like some ill-formed declares. Possibly corrupted projects. There are also some bugs, like dragging an object from the navigator onto the desktop, that used to be a bundle of joy. Don’t know if the bug is still here, I learned to avoid it.

The IDE is very stable for me too. I can make it crash by drilling into an array in the debugger, but I believe I read that this is a known issue and that it’s on Norman’s list.

2015 R3 on Windows. It crashes while compiling and gives no error message. I just have the standard plugins.

32-bit or 64-bit compilation?

How do I choose 32 bit or 64 bit? I’ve got a 64 bit computer

Click on Windows in the BUILD SETTINGS of the Navigator (or on “This Computer”), then in the inspector, look at the Architecture you are building for x86 32-bit or x-86 64-bit. If you are building for 32-bit, should be similar builds as previous versions. If you have it set for 64-bit target, you likely have a few things that need to be changed or investigated. I had a dickens of a time getting my first 64-bit successful compilation, OSX was easier.

It’s set to 32 bit. Same for Linux.

Eliminating 64-bit as the possible source of the problems, I’d contact Tech Support and see they can figure out what the issue is.

Have you tried 2015 R3.1 yet? It was released yesterday.

Downloaded R3.1 last night. We’ll see how it goes . . .

Better . . . Only one crash so far tonight.

The yesterday released version is a week old…