I lost lots of webpages


Anybody had experience XOJO web 2 got crashed? It offers me to save the project and I did. But after I reopen it, all my web pages are gone.

I tried to search it within IDE and it looks like intact. However, whenever I clicked it to open, xojo got crash again.

I appreciate your help.

I would help to know which Xojo version you used as well as the OS version.

I would recommend not to open your project until you get some advises. Save a copy your project in a safe place, by using your OS copy file function, not save as from within the IDE.

@Greg_O_Lone do you have any good advise for the OP ? Thanks

Im using xojo 2021 release 1.1 under macbook pro catalina.

What happend was I was reorganizing my webpages and draging pages to a folders. Then all of the sudden, xojo freeze a while and show a popup with 2 buttongs “QUIT” or “REPORT NOW”. I Choose “QUIT” then the IDE asked me if I want to save changes. So I saved it. After that, xojo ide quits.
Then, I re open the project, I noticed most of my newly created webpages are gone from the project. But when I search it, it does find. However, If I clicked the found webpage, xojo ide stuck with hourglass.

Please help.

I’ve had the IDE freeze a couple of times but I’ve never exeprienced losing pages

My team has been doing Web 2.0 work since 2020. Never experienced this. Running on Windows 10.

Why don’t you restore from your backup or your SVN/GIT?

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got lots of new webpages created already and things are not yet saved because I am currenlty organizing it thru folders.


Well, this actually happens a lot. The IDE crashes and you loose all your work if you don’t save frequently.

It is not a good idea to save on a already already crashed IDE, it could corrupt the proyect. ALWAYS have backups and more important, SAVE CONSTANTLY.

Now if your proyect is already corrupted, open it in a text editor (if is in a text format) Look for the corrupted part and try to fix it. If it is a lot of damage, try to recover extracting what you can.

My project is saved in BINARY.
I think even I saved it via TEXT file, I can’t able to disect it because im not familiar reading it.

Anyway, thanks fo your help Guys. I will recreate it again same experienced I had last xojo version 2018.

Even with Binary you should use external items - always. When you re-organize you should check in often. But your TimeMachine should be able to give you an older version of your project.

It’s been a couple of years since Xojo last eat my project but with external items the only real chore is rearranging the IDE scripts.

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you could use GitHub Desktop local, it is easy to setup and its simple commit to main.
if something broke you can restore.
and its better to save bigger projects in xojo project / text format.

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absolutely true, but not everyone as the license for doing so :frowning: . Same for backups, not everyone has a backup when needed. This is indeed not recommended, but unfortunately I guess we all learned it the hard way, at least I did and it still took me (long before GIT) far too long to recognize that I should better change my approach. GIT is a great relief (+1 for that). I don’t want to remind the times w/o git …

Yup, therefore use external items.


Back when Xojo 1.00, I had a project that did exactly the same: it crashed upon loading. I lost a good deal of development.

Since then, I religiously store a version at the end of every day, and sometimes twice a day. I never encountered again the source from hell, but better safe than sorry.


Thanks guys,

I just recreat all my pages. :frowning:

But its ok. Charge to experience.

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The answer would have been to have the user send us the project because we would have also needed to fix that bug first…

Two things here…

  1. In situations like this, please press Report Now the first time and tell us what you were doing so we can fix it. And yes, sometimes the stack is all we need, but we may ask for the original project that is causing the problem.

  2. In an upcoming release, we’re introducing logic to help the IDE know if it should ask you to save as there are times when it can reasonably tell if the resulting project will be corrupt, depending on what the problem was (like an error during project load).


Would it be an option that the IDE will save in such a case the project in binary format with a prefix DiasterRecovery or similar, and not override the existing project? Still prefer my way to have git copies, but that approach doesn’t help much for those who only have a license to save in binary format.

A very handy thing to avoid such problems would be, if the IDE would integrate GIT right into it (as every mature IDE does).

With a smart automated workflow, the IDE could handle such problems itself without that the user notices it.

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To be fair, it’s very uncommon for someone saving in the text format to have file corruption issues.


It could save anywhere technically, but the change we are making has to do with what the IDE does when it knows that the saved thing would be unrecoverable.

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