HUD window ?

I read about HUD windows and it seems evident to some, but I could not find any definition for them nor seemingly anything in Xojo documentation about them.

Would someone be so kind to enlighten me ?


It’s a Cocoa thing. And according to Google there happens to be a MBS Plugin for it.

Other answers include:
Apple Developer Documentation: NSPanel Style Masks
and Stack Overflow: You need to use NSPanel with the NSHUDWindowMask style mask.

It is also available through MacOSLib. Check this thread for an example:

set Window type to Floating Window

in Window.Open

  const NSHUDWindowMask = 8192
  const NSTitledWindowMask = 1
  const NSClosableWindowMask = 2
  const NSUtilityWindowMask = 16
  #if targetCocoa
    declare sub setStyleMask lib "Cocoa.framework" _
    selector "setStyleMask:" (obj_id as Integer, mask as Integer)
    setStyleMask self.Handle, NSHUDWindowMask _
    or NSTitledWindowMask or NSClosableWindowMask or NSUtilityWindowMask

Thank you everybody. Now I feel less ignorant. It is indeed very spectacular :slight_smile: