How long do we have to wait to support Android?

As mentioned, Android support has been an age-old topic within XOJO, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen an Android support release yet.
I wonder how much longer this process will take?
Will it be released with the next release?

Hi Song.
The only answer you’re going to get is the same one that’s been posted by the team and others ad nauseam. It’ll be released when they’re ready to release it. Nobody can/will give you anything more than that.

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The updated RoadMap (Roadmap - Xojo Documentation updated 7 April 2021) has pushed Android from #1 to #5, so I wouldn’t expect it soon. Work on something else.

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Oh, gods. I need number 3 like I need a rash.


Oh no…
I renewed in November hoping for Android support availability. I’m starting to think it won’t even be covered in my current subscription.
I’m hoping items 1 thru 4 are quick to implement. But that’s a huge change in the roadmap, IMO (that is, I understand the roadmap can change, but that’s more than a change).


The roadmap does not necessarily indicate any timeframe for completion. As has been said many times by members of the team on these forums when the roadmap comes up, multiple things are being worked on simultaneously. The entire team does not work on every item in the roadmap. For all we know 1-5 could be in the next release, or 1-3 in the next release followed by 4-10 in the one after that.

Indeed that’s a huge bummer. I haven’t noticed it was pushed back to number 5. Was totally expecting it to be released until the end of the year. Now that it’s #5 on the list, not so confident any more. I’ll have to explore other options now.


Well I hope Xojo has put a price on the items before Android and that they are, economically, more profiable as people will (as I have done) cancel auto subscribe.

As a community, do we care more about iOS notifications or Android ? Wild guess…

To me this roadmap is stating the obvious - when Android was number one, the inference is that it’ll be next - whenever that is…

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FWIW seems to me that #1 is a part defensive play against noise/competition with Xojo Cloud e.g. @Tim_Parnell 's Lifeboat but that’s just a guess on my part


Yes, I know. But it can raise expectations.

Also agreed and accepted, as the remaining of what you wrote.

But it’s frustrating to basically know nothing about what we can expect in a “near” future.

The issue is not so much that those other items made it onto the roadmap, rather that they bumped Android and the very clear message that conveys.


Unless iOS notifications can be added in Xojo within, say, a single week. But I doubt so.

I’d have accepted it became number 2, if something came urgently or was starting to be available sooner than thought. Number 5 is a big step backward.

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Sorry if I made it appear I said that; I didn’t meant to. No problem with having newer items in the roadmap (especially since I wondered, since months ago, what would be done after the roadmap would be completed).

No not at all :grinning:. Not a response to what you said, just my observation on the thread and situation.

Ah, ok. What misled me was you answered after my post and your previous post was right before mine, so I thought it was related :sweat_smile:

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No. Just getting on my soapbox :joy:

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So we now have r2 - items 1 to 4 on the roadmap.

English being not my native language, I’m guessing what you wrote (obviously an expression, which I’ve never seen before). Direct translation doesn’t make much sense :wink:
Does that mean “sliding on a soap”?

No. To this day in London - Hyde Park corner, you can go and watch / listen to people freely expressing their views (mainly political or religious). Historically they stood upon a wooden soap box so they could be heard by the crowd.

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“Now” being the keyword :wink:

Ah, ok. Glad to have learnt something, thank you.

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