Here is a simple "TextEditor" control

I, of course could write one, but if someone already has a drop-in custom control I could use that would be great.

  • Formatted Text Control (FTC) is too much of an over-kill for what I need

  • Something simple. A textarea, with an attached toolbar (font, size, bold/italic/underline, colors). I’ll deal with load/save as it will be to database fields, not directly to a file.

  • macOS/Windows


Why not using StyledText with TextArea?

I don’t agree with that. FTC only needs a few pieces of code to implement the desired functions.

of course, but what I am looking for is a simple control WITH toolbar… to just “drop in”

$150 is the “over-kill”, especially since I do not need 90% of what FTC supports.

HTML Edit, which is in Graffiti Suite now, is a great lightweight text editor that has a built in rich text toolbar. It saves and loads HTML, which is quick and easy to store in a database. And it’s Mac / Windows cross-platform.

Hits all the points, but it’s not $free.

never mind… I’ll write my own… Thanks

I have one which works perfectly fine for Windows and uses MBS.

Thanks Joost, but need both macOS/Windows and MBS isn’t part of my toolkit

these may help you, declares for textareas from Axel .

Thanks… too bad the zip file is missing about 100 images…

For MacOS, there is a declare which turns TextArea into a simpletext control. Of course, that was quite a while ago, and I could not find it in this forum.

I hope someone who is familiar with it will post a link.

Michel , I actually did find exactly what you mentioned, and that would have been great except for the fact it was macOS only.

My needs are simple, and I’m almost done with a custom control that will do what I need, and works xPlat as well

they are in this file :
the “def_icons” folder.

my point was they were all disconnected, and after clicking thru dozens of them I had to reboot my system to get control back again…

Here is what I created… it fits my current needs… and may or may not be of interest to anyone else
It seems to work with both macOS (mojave) and Windows 10

need to change the set method of the rtfData property to :

If value<>"" Then
End If

or I get a Nil exception on launch.
otherwise nice !


I think it should be

If value<>"" Then 
End If

otherwise any existing text is not removed

for the records, just recall this RB little module to edit texts and convert to html
still opens with 2019r11

I got it to open with 2012, but it did “nothing”… and 2019 doesn’t even recoginize it

I opened it with Xojo 2015r1 and it “works” (generate the html code for the passed styled text, not an html file).

you must drag the file to the xojo 2019 app icon to open it. not do file-open inside xojo.