GraffitiSuite Web Edition

Anyone have any experience with this? It looks like a nice adder, and the price is fair.


What about links? :stuck_out_tongue:

List of Graffiti Suite Web Edition tools are here:

[Bummer - I see I have a typo in the thread subject]

Hmm. Some things there are indeed interesting. The Accordion Nav for example :slight_smile:

Can’t get the demo to work though :confused:


Luck you, I don’t even get that far :wink:

Looks great… saving this in my link list… I would like to see more examples/images for desktop apps…

Me either. Blank screen with the logo. Empty Weblistbox at the bottom. No menu.

With such a demo, they must not have much sales …

Works fine on my MacBook Pro (OS X 1.9.4) in Safari (7.0.5) .

Seems to be fixed now :slight_smile:
Very interesting stuff. have to think about this. There seems to be a price tag :wink:

There was a July 4th Sale with large discounts.
I bought it then.

Anybody know if you can set the text of the editor from a database field…I’m setting the text property from a recordset, but it never seems to update the editor…

Any Ideas?

I dont use the text editor but use the suite in general for web stuff and it works really well but is going through a major update as it has issues with jquery, that said the latest version is much better. I know they have some interested stuff planned but it is all a bit hush hush at the moment but looks good. As for the price tag, for me I purchased both the desktop and web and it has saved me a load of time so has paid for itself very quickly.

The developer just got back to me and it’s a bug that will be fixed in an update coming some time this week…

Localization needed here particularly in the datepicker

Hmmm. Nope. Reported again.

Their is an easy fix for these errors but it is a bit brute force but it does work.

In your app html header add the following lines of code. This is what I have to do with the current and older version and it stops about 90% of the errors. I know the developer is hoping to have a new release some time soon that addresses these issues but the hack is a workaround I found.

<link type="text/css" href='' rel="Stylesheet" media="all" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=''></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=''></script>

The error on the developer site, plus the need to hack with the product as demonstrated by Nathan look very much like a show stopper : who will buy web controls from a company that cannot even guarantee his own site to run smoothly ? If I had the same problem in my apps…

I fully understand what you are saying but Anthony (the developer) is totally committed to addressing the issues which I do not feel are of his making directly but more to do with the fact that pushing the boundaries especially with the webSDK and jQuery etc does sometimes cause things to not work as we would all like them to and sometimes we have to hack things (just look at all the Xojo posts on this forum) to make them do what we need. I love the suite and the amount of time and effort it saves me is worth the hassle that sometimes happens. You are normally a defender of Xojo and its quirks, bugs and issues so I was a little surprised that you made such a comment about a third-party developer who is trying to make something good for web apps.

I personally have played with jQuery and trying to get it to play nicely within Xojo via the webSDK and it is no easy task, nobodies fault just takes work and effort to make everything hang together and talk with each other. I take my hat off to Anthony (GraffitiSuite), Daniel (WCC) and Brad (Studio Stable) for all the great work they do for Xojo web app development.