I’ve been playing with GEO IP in a Web app and would appreciate some assistance testing. If you could go to you will get a map of the world with (hopefully) a pin close to where you are. I would appreciate any feedback on this and will share if it works outside NZ.

Detects correctly that i’m in Italy, but i’m around 100km from the pin

I’m in Massachusetts USA. It got the right town, but a couple of miles away from my house.

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I could easily walk to where the pin says I am. Less than a mile.

Missed my house by about 4 miles

I’m in Pennsylvania USA, the pin shows up outside of Petersburg, WV which according to Mapquest is about 100 miles away to the Southwest of my home.

After reading Norman’s post below I went to my ISP’s site and used their speedtest. The speedtest said it was selecting the closest server which ended up being about 350 miles north of me.

It has it 40+ miles from me - looks like the address of my isp

Plots me in New Hamphire instead of California :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry I’m in Rochester, NY not Boston, MA :confused:

Its in the same town :slight_smile:

Nearly, 5-6 km to my location.

Pin is close at 9 km from my actual location.

Did your ISP buy a block of addresses or a company that used to exist in NH ?
Mine used to report as being in Nova Scotia - again clear across the continent - for that reason

Pretty close, in fact it popped the pin on our Post Office for our zipcode. :slight_smile: About 3/4 mile.

It is using the ip address that you connect from and looking that up at , so it’ll probably be looking at your ISP.

The project is here for those that are interested.

Thanks for your help everyone.

I am using GeoIP localization in my firewalls ( with success basically blocking everything in Africa (except South Africa), Asia (except handpicked nations like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Dubai, Katar, Indonesia etc.) and some South American countries as well as anon proxies.

A Website or service only selling to local or European, North American markets doesn’t need to be available for the rest of the world esp. when most portscans, 401-errors (because of checking for login/Admin Pages exploits) threats mostly coming from these blocked nations and/or ISPs.

Probably, it’s the vacuum comcast.

Just got an outofbounds exception, by following your link

Same here… maybe a limit of requests? Don’t do lower OSI/ISO Layer tasks on higher App Level except you really need to do this for log analyzing or initial language settings e.g.

[code]Unhandled OutOfBoundsException




In my case the pin points to Amsterdam where my ISP is located, but i am living 160 kilometer from Amsterdam against the German border.

BTW, nice program Wayne!