Free Backup app

Hi if any Free auto Backup app to backup Doc and folders on windows and Mac

mmm quite hard to understand you but on mac you may use Time Mashine for Backup purposes…

SyncBack is a great backup tool for Windows, or to synchronize files between two locations.

ok thanks

CrashPlan can be freely used to backup between computers.

I use allwaysync, Its free and regularly updated, works great. Keeps my development folders synced with by NAS backup device.

What does TIMEMACHINE “not” do for you that these 3rd party tools do?

I have 5 Macs on my home lan, with a Synology NAS as well. T.M in all the Macs, back up to the NAS without any intervention…and allows you to recover files quite easily… not to mention it is “free.”

I think Alexis was also looking for something that worked on Windows.

Windows 8 has File History, remarkably similar to Time Machine. In fact, I have the PCs in my home also back up to my Time Capsule.

(Which reminds me, I have about 600GB of video files that are probably wreaking havoc on my 1TB Time Capsule)

note: my day job is to be a Storage and Backup/Recovery guru.

I have tested all (or almost all) of the backup/recovery tools like Mozy, Crashplan, etc…

Crashplan has 3 options (and you can mingle any combination of the 3).

  1. Crashplan to an external drive (like Mac’s TimeMachine) [FREE]
  2. Crashplan from your computer to your friends computer (or your second computer) [FREE]
  3. Crashplan to their “cloud”. [$$$$]

I have a mix of #2 and #3 for all my computers. I have all of them doing #3. Most of them doing #2 also. And for one of mine and one of my folks computers (all doing #3), doing #1 also.

Crashplan works very well doing any of the three methods, or combination of the three.

I really like their tool. If you have questions about it, please let me know.

oh… Crashplan does Windows, Linux, Mac, and OpenSolaris… it has a good breath of client O/Ses that you get to pick from. And you can backup from a Windows to a Mac and vice versa. Your “target” doesnt have to be running the same O/S as you are. AWESOME.

Yeah, if you follow Scott Boss on Twitter, he talks about backup and storage all the time.

That, and Nokia.

[quote=69527:@Thom McGrath]Yeah, if you follow Scott Boss on Twitter, he talks about backup and storage all the time.

That, and Nokia.[/quote]

@the_sboss for what Thom talked about. this is my personal account. so anything goes…
@nocturnalCM for my business which I talk about Xojo a lot.

One other important note: If your house burns down, your TM backups are useless chunks of charred bits along with your computer. If your data is truly critical and irreplaceable, offsite backup of some form is the only way to go.

I have a TM disk sitting on my desk at work that backs up my laptop when I’m here, and I have a backup using backuppc to a linux server hosted here at the office that is sync’d to a server at my house.

And all of that is sync’d to another server across town at another employee house.

So I’m good if any 2 of these places burn to the ground. If all 3 do, I figure I’ll have more to worry about than my data. :wink:

Still - offsite backup is ALWAYS a good idea.

I use, you make any folder on your system a cubby (backed up folder) and it is synced to the cloud. Just work as normal on your projects and they are continually backed up. It also then makes it easy to open projects on your laptop, desktop or wherever you choose.

this is an important note. make sure you have copy(ies) offsite. I use #3 for my offsite needs. But for free, you can do #2 between two computers that are at different locations.

I’ve been meaning to find a good offsite solution, but I have literally terabytes of data on multiple computers. Hard to find one I want to pay for. I do have a backup of my Dropbox credentials on a disk at my parent’s, which will get me my 1Password data back, but that’s the extent of it.

I’ve debated using a 3TB external, start the backups locally, then move the drive to their place and let incremental backups happen from there. Consumer-level transfer speeds has been my main issue with such a plan.

So the CrashPlan stuff does look interesting, just not sure I want to take the plunge.

Thom, setup crashplan on your machine. setup on a machine at your parents house (with the 3TB drive). point the two computers to each other. works great. Or if you want you can send it only one way. But if you are going to use their computer to backup to, nice to back theirs up.

here is a gotcha (with Crashplan and all the rest), limit your scope of your first backup. otherwise it will take FOR EVAR!! I do my pictures folder as I dont have lots of pics. Then once it is done, add some more. once done add some more, etc.

One of the benefits of Crashplan cloud is if a machine doesnt backup for X days (I think it is 3?), it ill email you letting you know that the machine hasnt backed up. computer to computer doenst have that. Also their unlimited data is truly unlimited. I have many TB in their cloud and they havent skipped a beat. My dad is a semi-pro photographer that shoots in RAW format at 1000 pictures for any given shot. His photos are backed up to the cloud. that was a long sync. I added his raw images to the sync set last. I have a multi-year family plan and it is a bunch to bite off at once but <$10/month for all the computers, with all you can eat storage is hard to beat. My Mozy bill went from really cheap to over a mortgage payment when they started charging per GB… made my choice very simple. Plus that <$10 is for all 10 computers on your account, not each.

I probably should just bite the bullet and pay the $14/mo for the family plan. I’d rather save some money and go with the multi-year plan, but getting multiple $14 charges past the budgeting committee is far easier than $150 per year.

I understand the budget committee, It was ~$200/2yr when I first did it. $250 is a little harder to chew all at once. Good news with them is you can switch from monthly to yearly to multiyear… reach out to them and they are fairly reasonable peeps.