Free Backup app

Are you sure of that, Scott? We do local local and remote computer crashplan backups (no cloud). While it has only happened rarely, we have gotten messages when a machine was unable to contact any backup destination for more than some number of days.

Last fall I signed up for Backblaze and have been pretty happy. Just $5/month per machine for “unlimited” backups. My desktop machine backed up about 3TB to just fine (though initial upload took 2 months). As long as you don’t disconnect the external drives, they’re included in the price. (If you disconnect externals, those backups are deleted after 30 days.) Once you’ve got the initial backup done it just keeps everything backed up automatically as new files are created.

Already saved my bacon when a crash killed a critical file that would have taken me hours to reproduce – I was able to retrieve it via my iPhone and restore it in just a few minutes. The crash happened right after my Time Machine backup stopped working so I didn’t have that to fall back upon (the new TM backup hadn’t been created yet.)

Plus, it’s kinda cool being able to access any of my desktop files via my phone.

you get emails that it has broken or not backed up? or just a message on the screen?

crashplan has apps for the phones to do restores too.

But Crashplan is Java. I’m waiting for the OSX native version.

yeah… that was in the negative column… not a java fan. but everything else is rock solid.

Ug, really? That might be a deal breaker for me.

The messages are something like this:

a lot more software is written in the j-word that you would like to know. for a while it was “the” languages for certain companies. I try to not hold it against them. Would I rather it be written in another language but a good app is a good app.

Crashplan is really good. Why should I care in which language an app is written in? The interface has a few quirks, but in general it’s not very visible that the app is a Java one.

Java apps have a feel to them that I can’t ignore.

normally I would agree with you, but this is one of two java apps that doesnt make my skin crawl. I think that you wouldn’t know that it was a java app unless you tried to run it without java installed on your machine and had to load it.

I’ve been using CrashPlan Family for a couple years. It works really well.

But their app is hideous, Java or not. Luckily you really don’t need to use it much beyond initial setup.

Backblaze has a much nicer app, but costs more if you want to backup more than two computers.