For what its worth

Effective immediately, any and all apps, programs, tools and add-ons that I have produced in the past with and or for Xojo are no longer available.

This is mainly due to API 2.0 and the issues that I feel it introduces.
I do not have the interest or incentive to keep paying for an Xojo License, when the benefit to me is not there.
As such, most of the add-ons I produced in the past (including but not limited to gPDF) are not compatible with API 2.0
other programs require upgrading from 32bit to 64bit, and while I can do the with 2019r1.1, I am only going to do so, when my needs require it.

I’m afraid I don’t understand. API 2.0 isn’t required, so why is that an issue?

I don’t understand this either, but I wish you the best.

Probably because people that have some of his stuff are seeing the Replacement messages and are asking when he’s going to update to API 2.0. I get that with ARGen and Shorts quite a bit.

same problem as the renamed events going forward and backward into new and old version

I no longer have the incentive to deal with support issue that may or may not be API2.0 related.
and since I will not be updating my Xojo License in the foreseeable future, it would be even more difficult to do

My opinion (delete if this bothers you)… but API2.0 was a disaster since the git-go

This is what’s confusing me. If you aren’t using it, what API 2.0 support issues are you dealing with?

Kem… .my decision… thats all that is important

This item has been deprecated and has a replacement

And I’m not arguing it, Dave, just trying to understand it.

In 2019r1.1 start with a listbox subclass
Shadow ListCount with a method

         Function ListCount() as Integer
               return listbox(me).listcount
         End Function

when you use this in any version 2019r1.1 or earlier that shadowing doesnt leak out and people who use your subclass are fine

now move your project to 2019r3.1
and there is a new item to deal with if you want your shadowing to work as before
so you add a new shadow of RowCount

         Function RowCount() as Integer
               return listbox(me).RowCount
         End Function

and now your code cant go back to an old version without a pile of #if’s to make the new rowcount only available in 2019r2 and newer

so you add rewrite RowCount

         Function RowCount() as Integer
             #if XojoVersion > 2019.02
                return listbox(me).RowCount
                return listbox(me).ListCount
         End Function

this is one property and you might need to do a lot
the volume of work is but one issue

and if you dont do this then the new property on listbox may not behave the way your subclass intends it to behave

basically if you vend controls like this you pretty much HAVE to update them OR just tell people which properties to not use

neither is really great

That’s rather obtuse.

None of my business except for you made it a public announcement.

Yes, it was a public announcement… I was hoping to make it once, instead of everytime someone emailed me asking about one of this software solutions. And I also explained WHY… but as I stated (obtuse or not)… the decision was mine to make… And I appreciate the support of those who understood that.

This was supposed to be a simple posting of intent, not a on-going topic of discussion.

means you not have a License for xojo 2019r3.1 ? (api 2.0)
if so then i hope you get a renewal for free.

its up to you to continue support for your add-ons that they run with api 2.
costs for you but it promote customer loyalty.
you could stop support in api 1 and going to api 2.
or stick at api 1 forever.
I doubt that moving to a new language is a better move. you will start from zero.

No… I do not have (nor do I plan on getting) a 2019r3.1 license…
Its up to me to decide what continuing level of support or issuance of new add-ons I provide. None of my existing customers are in peril, its just that I have to decided not to accept new customers for any existing solutions I provided

Unlike others here… I do not rely on any of this for my lively hood… for me, its pizza and beer money

As to “moving to a new language”… Bear in mind I am retired… I worked for nearly 40 years in the IT industry
so now I am free to do as I please, and right now it pleases me to “learn a new language” :slight_smile: … Which by the way, is
actually something I have no problem with… I have learned and forgotten more programming languages than most
people have even heard of. (MarkIV anyone?)

heh. any PL/1 in there ?

Yeah but most people have HEARD of PL/1…

but I have to admit… today if someone were to show me MarkIV code, I wouldn’t recognize it, but back in the day… I could write it in my sleep (and often did)… How about RAMIS? (written by the “R” in the company TRW)

If you have to look at the LR for each and every instruction (API2, and this sometimes took time), what is the difference with learning another language ? This is already learning a new language (API2).

Guess what ? I gave up on the idea. I started late in my life, in the mid 80s… using an Apple //c.

[quote=483158:@Dave S]Yeah but most people have HEARD of PL/1…
Granted although as a fellow “old fart” I’ve heard of a lot of the ones you’re naming :slight_smile:

Heard of that one - never wrote any
APL I’m sure most have heard of but what a pain in the rear
A fellow i knew way back described it as “a write only programming language”
Deciperhing something written in it was awful
Like it was all greek or something :slight_smile:

FYI… TRW = Thompson Ramos & Woldridge