Feedback is now Issues

Yeah, I’m probably getting too old.


Isn’t it just an award for giving your first like? This forum does it too.

From what I see, any icon you add to a case you get the message “Award added”.


I feel special already :slight_smile:


That’s a question for @Dana_Brown.

YAY!!! We all get participation trophies!!!


After reading the Announcement " Improving Feedback " title, i was going to read the current Issue of xDev and let this garbage alone until minutes ago whan I was curious to understand the title of this thread.

I do not have to explain my surprise when I understand - after many entries - what Issues are, now.

Thanks god, tomorrow it will be Friday !

You just are not used to it. That provides great instantaneous feedback.




I re-ask my question differently:
On my screencapture we see the date of the next release of Xojo. Is it a mistake or is it the new official way to know when new version will come out?

It is the date of the milestone.
I believe the date can change at any moment.

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i see 16 open reproducible bug reports from 4 month to 2 years old …
50 open feature request

I see 3 milestones, one with a date a few weeks into the future, another with a date almost 8 years in the future, and the other without a date. With this information, I can say that dates don’t matter, at least for now and Xojo may change that to make it official if they decide to use those dates.

In the meantime, they may want to remove dates to avoid confusion and just set the dates (if possible) at the release date.

The transition to Gitlab instead of keeping the Feedback-App alive is definitely a big move in the right direction.

If Xojo Inc. takes all the advantages of Gitlab, for instance when creating merge requests out of issues, using merge trains and the inbuilt CI/CD system, then this can streamline also the work of the Xojo engeneers.

We are working with Gitlab for 6 years now. Everything is automateable, which is super nice.



@Dana_Brown What’s about the benefits for Pro Plus licenses?

Top Priority Support
Get your issues resolved with our highest level of support. Your support questions will be answered with our fastest turnaround time and your bug reports will be verified first.

Do you still know that my cases are “pro plus cases” (as it was before)?
Also, the advantage of being able to award more points for feedback cases is no longer given?

If I remember correctly, the feature request for the ability to create Apple Watch Apps was #6 in terms of points.
Despite it being a high ranked feedback case, the Xojo team announced that they won’t work on this because the demand was too low.

In my point of view the points system was broken and didn’t mean much anymore.

I don’t know how issues will be ranked but it is now much easier to navigate and discover each other’s cases and add a thumbs-up.


Absolutely! Nothing changes for Pro Plus benefits and support.

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So where can I spend my additional pro plus points?

Pro Plus does not come with additional feedback points.

btw at issues page
the email notifications can be disabled or at least configured to get less …

i like to see a issue notification at bell.

If the IDE crashes then all the information which was sent to the Feedback app before is now lost?