Feedback is now Issues

So after reading the Announcement " Improving Feedback" I launched Feedback as mentioned in the announcement to have it take me to the new site. The message below was displayed but the new site did not open in my browser. I tried it twice and it failed twice to open the location in my browser. Fortunately the Announcement had a link that was functional.


Secondly, the list of “My Feedback cases” no longer exists. Will future cases I file automatically be listed in a my cases group or is now up to us to search for our cases and make them part of a group manually.

I understand why this change has been made but so far I’m not encouraged by this change.

You can use the search field to find cases by Author, including yourself.


Try closing Xojo and open it again, then click Feedback.

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This is a GREAT move in my opinion. Focus on essentials and gives clarity to us developers.

Big improvement.


The search is super powerful. I had a lot of fun just playing with that.


I never use the link in the Xojo App. I have always used the standalone Windows Feedback App and that is what failed to open the browser. The Link in the Xojo App Help does work, (now that I know it exists).

Oh, right the standalone Feedback app.

Maybe you can file a bug report and they can change
“You will now be taken to Xojo Issues in your browser.”
“Please visit

For anybody that uses Alfred, I have an updated shortcut for searching the new system: alfred://customsearch/Xojo%20Feedback%20Search/feedback/utf8/nospace/

And it is filed: * #68623

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Your new case opened much faster than before !

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And I can see it on an Ipad :slightly_smiling_face:


Got to it straight by the link. Works great!

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Then I can’t delete the application ?
I have to do some test but effectively I didn’t find yet how to list my feedback.

And already changed:

How do I assign points to issues? Where are my favourites? Where are the top issues?

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I don’t think any of those things exist.

As explained Anthony, I search my name. it’s annoying because when I enter the space between my firstname and second name, it is as if I validate. Then I search “Thomas”. I tried “Thomas-Robisson” and “Thomas_Robisson”. It is ok if I enter my last name first. Same problem if I enter “@Thomas” .
As I’m a silly guy, I enter my firstname … first, and my lastname … (I’m sure you’ll guess).

Antother thing, a bug I submited marked as resolved is now indicated “Xojo 2022r2”. It is what I asked in a previous post some days ago. But we can see on the helptag that the next version will be in one month. I’m surprise as Xojo never communicate on the date of next release.
Edit : screencapture

[quote=“Thom McGrath, post:16, topic:70403, full:true, username:Thom_McGrath”]
I don’t think any of those things exist.
[/quote] anymore.

This is one of the reasons my first impression was negative. I’m sure I will adjust, but it was jarring to have those features discarded.

It would be useful to understand if the points system is gone, how Xojo know which bugs and features are of paramount importance to users.

Did you try thomasrob or @thomasrob ?