Feedback confusion

Feedback is sometimes odd. So the IDE crashed again - nothing new there. But the reason was a new one as I got some nice assertion message. Feedback wants to create an issue. Most times I skip those because the automatic ones are totally waste of time. I thought I hadn’t seen this assertion before and I could check if there is an existing Feedback issue. The confusion:

My information was added to 55110.
Which is a duplicate to 50081.
Which is a duplicate to 50203 which is private.

Head meets desk. Does this make sense to anyone?

Doesn’t happen that often for me, actually quite rare in my environment where I frequently don’t restart Xojo for weeks. And all of my dev time is spent in Xojo.

However feedback attempting to merge your experience with others seems a positive thing. And so what you are adding more info to get the issue solved.

I’ll go further than that, I don’t see production IDE crashes at all, pre-release yes, but to be expected.

Perhaps you should invest in a Windows box? It will be slow but faithful unlike that fruit thing :slight_smile:

You could ask for 50203 to be made public.

@Wayne Golding : very funny. You want me to loose the rest of my sanity with developing on Windows? No thanks.

Either the IDE crashes because I click somewhere funky, or the debugger crashes. Or something else crashes.

What ? I run in a Win10 Parallels VM and need restart Xojo IDE nearly every coffebreak in order to keep it stable. My VM itself with and Win10 in it, indeed runs stable for weeks without shutting it down.

To me it’s clear that Xojo Mac OSX versions of IDE, and perhaps Feedback also, are better and more stable than the Windows versions.

They’re not to us. The only way for us to fix those things is for you to submit them.

I’m guessing this is a typo, we don’t have a case #55110 yet.

Ups, yes. Of course, I meant 50110.

For those one-time crashes the automatic reports are a waste of time:

So guys, what’t going on here?

There is a MASSIVE stability problem in Xojo.

There are up to 5 Crash reports from different people per day - just for #50110 - and there is are a large number of other crash cases.

But #50110 is closed. As Beatrix wrote: There is no way to report it properly.

So nobody at Xojo listens.

Here our developers working with Xojo experience up to 10 IDE crashes per day!

This is a totally annoying and costs us so many hours.

The above statement may NOT be 100% true.

I was unable to instal the latest VirtualBox lately. I left some days, and after some shutdown and boot (standard working with my MacBook Pro), I recall that I was not able to instal VirtualBox.

Then I do the install, and it works fine.

Not related to Xojo ? Yes.

But if this can happen to a software, why not with Xojo, sometimes ?

PS: I made some Hard Disk (SSD) checkings every now and then to try to avoid these. I do not wait until I saw some strange things. If an application crash, I shutdown the computer and fir disk first aid (or Disk Utilities, whatever is its actual name).

We have 4 different developers that are working with Xojo (usually not every day, but from time to time). The crashes occur for all of them. These are different machines, different OS versions, different projects, different developers.

I guess you don’t have projects that are so large. One projekt file is 24 MB here (binary).

What do install problems of another software have to do with Xojo?

If I have a look at the Feedback issue 50110 I can see that every couple of days this issue is reported. And I think that most discover the problem and then quietly ignore it.

If this happens to a software, another ca suffer from this (or another).

Imagine a bad block in the hard disk (SSD or HD): this can produce bad behaviors to any installed application. Don’t you think so ?

Please, read the whole entry, or ignore it.

I think so too / and some people “do not care about it” too.

I read the whole story. I also get mails every couple of days about this issue as I’m subscribed.

Yes, bad blocks in the harddisk can do odd errors. Once upon a time I got a computer with bad RAM. And I remember the time I had a corrupt user. This is the core question for every problem “is it just me or is it everyone”. Or the IPTV (incidents per thousand vehicle) if you do cars.

Here we can say with confidence: it’s almost everyone working with 2017r3. For the 64bit IDE it really can’t be a memory problem. Or so we were told. It’s also not one symptom but so many diverse things can crash. Is it a bug with threads? It’s at least b.l.o.o.d.y annoying.

It still could be bad memory though. I had a memory stick die on my Mac Pro right at the beginning of the year and all kinds of things went wonky.

To be fair two of us run the IDE just about all day every day and we do not crash 10 times a day. The biggest difference is that we don’t use 3rd party plugins. And before anyone gets the wrong idea, I’m not saying that plugins are bad, just that having a lot of them can be problematic at times.

Oh yes we do. The IDE itself is written in Xojo. Feedback is also a Xojo project. I’d be curious if you had the same problems if your project is saved as text.

As soon as I can have a class in multiple projects and can specify my build locations I’ll try to convert to text. As it is I’d rather not change my complete build process with 5 different projects and quite a few things that need to be copied hither and yon.

And of course, I use the full complement of plugins: Chilkat, MBS (half), Valentina, 2 Einhugur.

@Paul Gaspar:
24 MB is actually pretty small file because all the icons are saved IN the file. I’m now up to 180 MB with less than 500 project items. Hm… I need to write the icons when building the app. Without them my project file is 2,7 MB and saving is so much faster.

Do you use the secret preferences for disabling the extra save step?

If you’re using a version control system like Subversion, sharing classes between projects is trivial. As for specifying build locations, you can move the build in a post-build step. We’ve done both of these things in projects here at Xojo.

@Greg O’Lone: anyones trivial is another ones not so very simple. I’ve got 5 interconnected projects with at least at dozen of build scripts. All of these are fragile because there is no central path management. Changing to text is going to be painful.

But this is not the topic of this thread.

So back on topic…

Looking at the first crash report on that case, it’s a case of Out of Memory. While the IDE is compiled as 64-bit, there are still some components that are still 32-bit and can still run out of memory.

Hm. I code decent-sized (15-20MB) apps daily on both RS2012 and Xojo 2017, using many MBS plugins, running under High Sierra on a MBP with SSD. Can’t remember the last time the IDE crashed on me, I don’t think once in the past year. Oops, now I’ve challenged Murphy, here it comes…