Feedback 2018r1

Someone might as well point at the elephant in the room, and it might as well be me.

It sure does, I often check what bugs others are finding:

a) to see if they will impact me
b) to see if I can help them
c) to see whats getting fixed so I know what to look forward to in the next version

There’s keeping your cards close to your chest, then there’s sealing yourself off in a bunker.

IMHO, terrible decision.

I feel betrayed and left behind if I can’t see what’s going on in feedback.
Like when I want to report a bug and see if someone else reported it in the last minutes, I looked there.

I made feedback cases:

This wasn’t removed.

I completely agree.

I used those features and I think I helped in some cases telling Xojo it was not a bug and telling the OP where to find the correct information or even a workaround, or recently when a case was closed because the Staff were not able to reproduce the issue, I was able to reproduce it and uploaded a video to show exactly how the Staff can reproduce the issue and finally the case was reopened and verified.

This <> was closed because it was not reproducible, and I dedicated much time to show how to reproduce it. My idea is to learn and help Xojo and other users.

Yeah its in a menu, yet Unsubscribe stays visible. I bet more people use a Copy Sharing Link button than they use an Unsubscribe button.

Spot on Alberto. I’ve seen a few comments of yours around and about, those days are gone…

Julian, if I add something to your post, at least for me:

d) learn from the cases

I learn a lot by trying code. Being able to see the newest cases, see what is the issue, maybe even trying the sample code, trying to figure it out until it makes sense, finding alternatives to help resolve the issue and be aware what I can face in the future, made me spend quite a few hours a week using Feedback app.

Greg said: [quote]That said, the “Shared Feedback” section is no longer part of Feedback. The contents of these items (Top Cases, Newest Cases and Recently Active) was often misinterpreted as Xojo’s de-facto active work list or its order-of-operations. Feedback is a very important signal to us, but it does not represent everything Xojo is working on or the definitive order in which things are done. Its removal does not impact your day-to-day use of Feedback — you can still search the entire database at any time, rearrange your top cases, and see the relative ranks of those cases.[/quote]

Xojo changed from giving estimated dates to words with no meaning like ‘priority’ and ‘Important’. Now we can’t see the cases with the most votes or even the most recent cases. Votes don’t really matter we hear. What does matter?

Xojo is in a huge state of flux after telling us the New Framework is dead and API 2.0 is ‘on the way’. We have no information about the transistion for iOS 1.0 to 2.0. No info about Android. No info about the Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 transition.

How is someone developing with Xojo supposed to know what is going on now and into the future if Xojo refuses to communicate?

I literally had to stop using Xojo Web for our Xanadu project and move to PHP over enountering a large number bugs plus no clue about their resolution. One (]Example was Web Labels still won’t display as underline or strkethru after I reported the bug 2 years ago.

If cases and votes don’t matter, how about letting us know what does matter? We need more communication.

Christian’s feedback requests are needed, but that doesn’t solve the communication issues regarding the close and distant roadmap.

Totally agree Alberto. Learning by the mistakes of others is great, also playing with the project and seeing how it was fixed etc. Anything that helps our understanding of Xojo and how issues were resolved is just adding to our knowledge.

[quote=414302:@Christian Schmitz]Feedback Case #54100 - Bring back Recently Active panel in Feedback
Feedback Case #54101 - Bring back Newest Cases panel in Feedback[/quote]
thanks. I’ve favourited them and will even invest some of my priority points.

I can understand the removal of the “Top 20” case list but by removing the “New” and “Recent” view, feedback really looses a lot of attractively. It almost feels like back in the horrible FogBugz times.
I often saw something newly reported and remembered this was reported before. Here I was able to indicate the duplicate and point to the previous report. I assume Xojo will see a lot more duplicates now and all the possibilities to help managing them are gone now.
Being able to read what was going on in Recent was enormously helpful to me as well. Both by seeing what is being worked on as well as by learning about bugs and problems before being hit by them myself. This saved a lot of debugging time and I was able to learn about workarounds others developed.
Is it about the time to start an open-feedback like is for Apple bug? :wink:

The icon at the bottom with the option to copy it was removed. I can’t find a replacement. The only option now is this?:

I also put 54100 and 54101 on my priority list.

And I just discovered @Tobias Bussmann’s bug by looking who made a case between mine case IDs.

As 54102 was closed without ability to comment, I made new case <> for the copy sharing link button.

The add Information button in the little toolbar doesn’t work always. The menu command does. <>

great idea! as the ids are still continuous integers we could build a crawler for new cases. Hm, I better should not talk about this ideas in public :wink:

The add information button is disabled when the case is closed. I hope this is a bug and not something they expect to enforce.

Something positive: Feedback now remembers the last opened cases when it restarts (which was happening in the past mainly due to communication errors). However now a “close all” function would be more important then it was before: <>

Yeah, because you’d never find the thing again because you cant browse for it :wink:

Well, as the menu command works, it looks like a bug.

Hm, shouldn’t that have gotten found in testing?