Feature request: Header of the Code Editor

I would find it convenient to see more than ‘Action’ in the header of the Code Editor,
so I filed a feature request:
65465 - Header of the Code Editor could show the namespace name and the local name


I wish the header of the Code Editor would show the namespace name and the local name.
For example, if I edit Window3.BevelButton9.Action
this header now shows just ‘Action’, but I would like it to show ‘Window3.BevelButton9.Action’
so I don’t have to botanize the Navigator to confirm where I am editing.
(And while you are at it, please make it possible to copy the header)


Not a bad suggestion, how would you want it formatted if it was longer than the available space, end justified with the middles cut out and replaced with …'s ?

As for quickly finding out where you are, hit ctrl+shift+L (or your platforms equivalent) for Go To Location and it’ll show you where you are with the text already selected so you can copy it to the clipboard if required.

Header copying was added in 2021r2 for certain headers, right click it when you are in a method for example.

Thanks. So I learned about Ctrl+Shift+L, glance and then Cancel.
However, my idea is to do all this with just a glance.

As for formatting, I don’t think that would present a problem if done like that ‘Go To Location’.

Something like this?


Where’s that from Julia or did you mock it up?



I was going to guess 5.X days

Get out of town! That’s awesome, all that lovely space to read things without it going over multiple lines in the inspector. How the heck did that end up with what’s in there now :open_mouth:


The RealStudio UI was superior in almost all respects to Xojo’s.


It sure was in many aspects. Today we want empty space to be used as much as possible but don’t wan’t items hidden like “Add” → “New Method” etc in different context sub menus… but don’t have that …

I can’t remember the last time I added a method by any other means than cmd-alt-m


I need to have a visual of where the method will be added to so i must (make sure to) focus the navigator item then adding is pretty ok from there. But it could be usefull to use shortcuts sometimes…

ah! - the good old days.


Yeah, I use the shortcuts all the time and don’t miss RS’s little buttons, but having a horizontal area for the method signature above the code area was 10,000,000 times better than the ridiculous scrunched-up Xojo Inspector.


It would so cool, if the declaration section is detached from the inspector. The inspector then even doesn’t need to be shown at all in the code view, which gives a lot more space.

Optically it would be cool if that declarion section would appear in the code-style.

I also think it would be cool, if you can display the code of multiple items, by multi-selecting them.

I made a quick mockup and screencast:
2021-08-13 09.28.28

Here’s the click-dummy:


Yes, this would indeed be cool


YES that would be the best thing that ever happened…:wink: if it was more code-editor than useless stuff.
And please let it be editable, not only visible.


That is a must. Otherwise it would be nonsense.


Last time I needed to compare two methods (from different projects ? windows ?), I printed them to pdf and load the two files on screen.

Just because going from one view to another make a scroll…

Talking about keyboard shortcuts:
Because of changes 8 or more years ago, I lost nearly all keyboards shortcuts (excepted for New Property / New Method / Run and Build). I never used ‘Go To Location’.

The “Add an Event” too often (in the Window) is not added where I meant (in a Control). Fortunately, Cut and Paste works.

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