Examples of Professional XOJO Apps?

I am wondering if anyone can provide links to websites of companies or individuals that have made professional and profitable applications using XOJO?

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The Xojo IDE is made with Xojo.

Lightspeed, Shine and MovieDraft (all featured on the Xojo homepage) are made with Xojo.

Check out the Xojo Apps in the Mac App Store forum conversation for a list of apps people have made using Xojo.

There are many consultants that use Xojo to create professional apps for their clients, but they aren’t likely to divulge much specifics.

Profitability has little to do with anyone’s use of Xojo.

We earn our living from making and selling applications built with Xojo. http://ohanaware.com

What about professional Windows apps?

I created my little company http://www.maxprog.com in 2002 with a couple of tools I made with Xojo. After 14 years I can say it is the best I did. I sell my stuff to both Mac and Windows users.

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I could name Miniclac, my Xojo written App mostly used by Windows User of my client. It is custom made for a construction company in Germany and helps them to manage key-turn buildings for 6 years from now. I am paying my bills with such tailor-made software combined with long term support. Here a demo video for last year MBS XOJO CON in Koblenz:


Another one is Hangarbox, a solution for flight schools. A couple of schools using it.

They are not really flying with it… right ?

We’ve been doing Xojo consulting for 15 years. We have dozens of clients and projects where we’ve developed commercial products and our clients have made boatloads of money. Can I tell you what those apps are? No. The joys of non disclosure agreements. :frowning:

I can say I have apps running at Global 100 companies down to mom & pop shops. And every in between.

@Bob Keeney Also some for MS Windows ?

Of course. ~95% of our work is cross platform. It’s pretty rare we get a single platform. 10 years ago most clients primary wanted the Windows app and a Mac version to shut the CEO up (because he was a Mac head). These days they want primarily want the Mac version and the Windows version to shut the payroll person up (since they tend to be Windows only types).

I can’t name the companies involved, but a client had the rights to his app (that we developed for him) purchased by a BIG Fortune 100 company and though we are still dealing with the client the work is for the new Fortune 100 company.

Visit http://fwRoller.com for our commercial Desktop and Web apps that all run on Windows, OS X and Linux. The Web apps are installed as a Service/Daemon. Our commercial app customers range from the world’s biggest businesses to individuals.

Our ERP clients for nearly three decades are typically in the hundred million to few billion range with hundreds to thousands of employees. We’ve done work for them using Xojo. Our newer clients that sought out Xojo professionals, are typically smaller than our ERP clients.

Our flagship product is AcuGraph, a tool for acupuncturists and chiropractors: http://acugraph.com

I think like VB there tends to be more in-house software created with Xojo than “software for sale”
That’s not to say there isn’t any
But I did do an upgrade of a certain fruit companies app some time ago - and I know that’s not for sale

Joost, no the software is just for managing all processes in flight schools. It keeps track of flight times, logs, valid licenses and contact management (kinda CRM). It helps to monitor maintining cycles and mostly it enables reservation of aircrafts and available flight instructors via internet. The main advantage is, that no cloud or 3rd party is needed. All the data remains in-house using xojo stand-alone webserver as background service on regular Windows Desktops. Only one flight school rented a hosted virtual linux server so far.

Here’s the dashboard:

The main calendar for flight reservations and available times of instructors (green):

Here the instructors enter their available times:

Editable personal data of each contact:

I guess the main problem of many of us is, that most projects are under NDA and/or the code is owned by the contractor. You know I am doing software development for 20 years now, and I am very happy about customers, who do not care about NDA and they do not care when I distribute this software to others via Web or AppStore. But these customers and projects are rare. And to form a product out of a finished project is another thing.

At the end of last year I’ve had a customer who needed a Visualization of ph-values from his galvanic machines. His employees used excel before and it ended always in chaos when inspections or alarms occured. So I’ve made him a software, which simply imports data from CSV files, creates a chart of it and stores it in sqlite database. And it does this without user interactions. The project was finished within 2 weeks. But the product took another month. I’ve had to create editable and custom values, a config pane, various test against all kinds of CSV files and of course I made a small website. This software can be found here: http://www.data-reader.de


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