Even Apple is Supporting Android Now

Leaked Screenshots Preview Apple Music for Android

Not to mention this:
Apple’s Swift Takes First Steps Toward Android App Development

Blackberry is also moving over to Android.

[quote=223883:@Matt Trivisonno]Leaked Screenshots Preview Apple Music for Android

Not to mention this:
Apple’s Swift Takes First Steps Toward Android App Development[/quote]
I don’t think the two are related.
The first is a rumor. And – if true – it might very well be based on the Android SDK.
The latter is based on a “proof-of-concept”, which is not from an Apple employee.

Well, as i remeber it in the Keynote to the WWDC in the Presetation (about Apple Music) it was said that apple would be releasing an app for android for apple music.

I wonder what they are coding it with. Java? Eclipse? Or maybe a secret version of Xcode that can build for Android? Google’s Android Studio IDE was super buggy last time I tried it.

where is the news? Apple delivered an Android App before, it was the Migration Assistent to iPhone… so they can code when they see fit… remember Safari for Windows? And please do not say that a this is a change in anything… that apple will now support Android…

Apple already told Apple Music will be released for Android. Nothing new.
But I highly doubt they will use Swift for this. Probably Java (as any other Android app).

Android NDK has been updated recently. It is possible that the non-UI part is therefore made in C/C++ and the UI with the SDK in Java.

Thats been true for some time

Yes, but for me the recent update of the NDK made it much, much more usable.

Its not much different from JNI last time I looked
But the NDK might have added access to more internal bits

Oh but they are… Swift now supports OS X (what’s left of it), iOS, watchOS, tvOS and Linux (read Android). Once it’s open sourced at the end of the year, it won’t be long before a Windows compiler appears (one may be in the works for iTunes on Windows).

It was discussed at WWDC.

With Music, Apple must make sure it has an Android client in order to tap into the largest computing platform available. As a service, Music departs from what has always been Apple logic until now : software meant to complement Apple’s hardware. In that respect, although iTunes exists under Windows, it is just here to use iPhones.

Music is a horse of a different color : it is a pure subscription service. Sort of a glorified Internet radio. As such, it better be implemented on Android if it wants to compete with Spotify and others.

Amazing to see Apple going into the software business, while Microsoft increases its presence into hardware with the Surface Book …

Swift is already 15 in the Tiobe index. That is amazing considering it was only launched on one platform last year. Could it replace the omnipotent C ? If/when it goes Android, that will be a huge contender, as a lot of iOS developers will be happy to reuse their existing code. Will be a bad day for Xamarin…

Which is why I suspect that Xamarin is trying to boost it’s targets and customer base before this happens, hoping to get enough customers to hold on to when iOS developers realize that they can target most OSes from a single language.

I don’t know about replacing C, but currently it’s the only language that targets all of Apple’s devices. I don’t see watchOS as being a deal breaker, but I do see tvOS as having the potential to be something worth considering. A computer for $150 that plugs into your existing HD TV (or a cheap HD TV). If the software is there, it will change how many institutions use computers.

I have been for too long in the business and seen so many attempts to make the TV into a computer to have some reservations about that. After all, over 50% of Google searches is phone today, and growing. Which means as Geoff suspected, the phone is fast becoming the primary screen. Not the TV. As a matter of fact teenagers spend more time on their phone than on the TV, even multitasking. In many ways the TV, as a big thing that covers an entire wall like 1950’s turntables radios in huge commodes, is no longer the center of the family. Just something that is used sometimes to watch a flick, and maybe the news. I even feel it could be a generational thing.

Apple TV has never picked up before. Sure, the keynote was quite impressive, but call me jaded, although I keep a Netflix subscription, I have long stopped binging, for lack of content. It’s that simple. There is simply not enough new content available online, as long as old fashion TV networks keep a grip on Internet access and keep requiring a subscription to very tired cable.

Sure, TVOs is a significant opportunity to sell yet more apps at $0.99. I wonder, though, how apps meant for 5" Portrait screens will work on 70 inches TVs with a minuscule sort of trackpad remote. GUI may be a whole lot more work than expected.

And as far as we are concerned, no idea if and when Xojo will support TVOs…

This is the only good news… I see a TV just as a component, an extra screen for iphones or ipads to watch/play together or to present something via AirPlay. For my self I do not watch TV really often, ja sometimes for news and sometimes for good documentations but that’s it.

The sign is on the wall when I sit in the living room watching a movie, while my son watches Facebook videos on his iPhone 6 Plus and could not care less about the TV.

I have the feeling the new generations consider TV just as passé as physical newspapers…

What I wonder is what is worse : reality TV of Facebook ?

uhm…that’s the point.

While classic TV was one-way directional, the danger of these smart internet-based TVs and devices lies in their ability to track you down right into your living room. We are using eBooks for reading, emails and Instant messages for communicating and cloud hosted services for reading our news and documents. We’re buying more and more goods online and I bet our life insurance already knows more about us as we do because of all these Ads and Trackers. And with Siri or Cortana running all time time in the background, 1984 seems to be more like kindergarten when compared with 2015.

I suggest the use of www.ipfire.org, a free firewall with transparent squid/squidguard content filter and GeoIP blocking. And by the way the internet is much more faster without all these banners and trackers.

But we went offtopic I guess…

Apple already told Apple Music will be released for Android. Nothing new

P.S. No mention of RemObjects Silver ?

I have been using the MVPS host file from http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/ for a while. It very nicely blocks all sorts of intrusive sites and advertisement excrement.

Better yet, these snake oil vendors never know, as it simply does not connect, so unlike Add Blocker, they cannot nag me.