EditMenu (Copy/Paste/SelectAll) with HTMLViewer on Windows

I use HTMLViewer on Windows. I display a contextual menu by catching the mousedown event in javascript.

The contextual menu clones the standard Xojo EditMenu as well as adding a few other options.

All the edit functions work perfectly on MacOs but not at all on Windows (Copy/Paste/Select All), not to mention the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+V / CTRL+C which also don’t work on Windows.

I started to implement the Copy / Paste / SelectAll functions using custom javascript, but my question is, why does Xojo’s EditMenu (&Copy &Paste etc.) not work with htmlviewer on Windows and what would be the best approach to implement this?

Does it work in DebugMode? I ask because i also have issues with this.

No, doesn’t work in debug mode :confused:

That is Chromium used in HTMLViewer?

Then you can use ChromiumFrameMBS class in MBS Xojo Plugins.
There you can call Copy/Paste/Cut/SelectAll/Undo as needed to perform the action.

Or better directly move to WebView2ControlMBS control.
We also have Cut/Copy/Paste/SelectAll there for you.

Do those plugins have any dependencies to other MBS plugins? What would be the minimum deployment.

These plugins can both used alone.
So you install Win, WinFrameworks and Main plugin parts.
Then you start using them and you may see the DLL for Chromium or WebView2 gets added to the Libs folder. And Registration one for the license.

You don’t need to install the other 49 plugins.