Drag and Drop example for Web 2?

Looking for an example of how to do drag and drop of images in a web 2 application. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers.

You should search the forum before asking a question.


I did - quite thoroughly. My question, however, still remains unanswered.
Perhaps my expectations are unrealistic, but is it just me, or is it odd that the most basic of UI events are still absent from Web2.0 more than a year after release, and apparently no published roadmap to implementation (happy to stand corrected if I have missed something!)

There are several approaces. @Tim_Parnell or @Anthony_G_Cyphers brought the mouse events back with custom controls (I can’t remember which of those two).

I personally made a simple example with jQuery UI:

But there’s no inbuild way in Xojo. Everything else tends to be hacky and can/will break in future releases.


Thanks Lars, that’s a helpful suggestion. :+1:

I actually have something for this coming in the next release.


While I’m sure many will appreciate this it really should be build-in. You have to wonder about a tool that requires a third-party plug-in to provide Drag&Drop.

In my opinion it would have made more sense if Xojo paid you to implement it in the web edition, but what do I know …


I agree. In the meantime…

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Will this new plugin also support touch events (or is it just mouse events?)

It uses the vanilla JS events, so it functions with touch as well.

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Especially between web list boxes . . . I’ve been asking for years now

Actually working on that.

How far off is 43 Anthony?
Great work!

Not too long to wait now.

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I’m late but still that’s great news!

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