When will we get Drag Drop Mouse and Touch Events - Web 2.0?

It’s been promised for over a year, but we still do not have any useful mouse or touch events for web controls. Some controls have a Pressed event - but still impossible to implement any kind of Drag event. There is not even a “Long Pressed” event or any “Un-pressed” event.
As it stands, Web 2.0 is of little use other than for very basic text-based io apps. Reminds me of the 1970’s lol!
Or am I missing something??

The experience that I have had with XOJO WEB2 has been more than pleasant. Every day it surprises me. I understand the tough decision they made to change the course of web version two.

Making a decision, as they did, carries the great possibility of losing customers.

Now what I see is that they wanted to make an object-oriented platform that is easy to maintain. Compared to other tools.

For me, the XOJO team making flexible with the Java script makes it extremely powerful.

The fact of not having elements yet for the drag event or press does not mean that it cannot be done. I would love to see these events on XOJO Web in the future.

An important fact is that XOJO Web is powerful. Many business applications can be made with this tool.

I would recommend XOJO web2 !!!

if (subject.contains("when")) then
  pushMessage("When it's ready !")