Documentation of a Xojo project

Hi there,

Who uses notes in a project? (Why is this not a Markup editor??)
Who uses descriptions in the inspector? (why it’s hidden on property page I almost never use??)…

Who has a project to create Nice HTML / PDF documentation of the project???
Does anybody have best practices tips ??

Perhaps it’s have been a topic for a 100x , please provide link …

I know … It’s pretty embarrassing that I look for this after 10 years working with Xojo :roll_eyes:

Suggestions are welcome …

Kind regards

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I do.

I also added notes with images, etc. in the Navigator pane (drag and drop), but stopped so when I realized they were copied inside the built application.

Now, I create files that I store in a Documentation Folder in the project root folder.

Sometimes, I print the project to pdf and place it in the same Documentation folder.

(Why is this not a Markup editor??)
Because Xojo have so many things to do on their plate…

I’ve used Notes sometimes to keep version history. Also to document some enumeration constants. (Better practice is to use actual enumerations, unless you need to integrate with external applications.)

The trouble with notes is that you don’t know they’re there unless you look for them.

The internal doc for my app is written in Pages, and is now around 40 A4 pages long.

For the technical documentation I don‘t need formatting and write all in notes in a module called „Doc“. This works pretty well.
The documentation for the user with formatted text, screenshots etc. is done in Adobe InDesign.

The UserGuide for my app is also written in Pages and is about 60 A4 pages long.

I really wish the notes functionality was better in Xojo. It seems like such an easy addition to the IDE.

For example, I’ve had a feedback request open for years (I wish I could post the Feedback case number but I haven’t been able to open Feedback for weeks - it keeps crashing on launch) to support Markdown or at least basic formatting (bold, underline, italic, etc) in notes.

There is also a nasty bug that I have been unable to reliably reproduce that occasionally (but often enough it is disruptive) messes up the formatting of a note. Sometimes it removes newlines, sometimes it removes entire chunks of text from a note.

What I do now is extensively document the top of each method in my own style. I also make extensive use of the description field in the IDE to give a short summary of what every class property and method does.

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He is asking for documenting the Xojo PROJECT INSIDE the IDE, not for an app.

I do use the notes and yes, they suck, the lack of markup made my notes look like some ancient DOS app, you know, full of ascii chars. It is ugly and impractical but it works with the plain text.

-----   Here goes the title   ------

I’d rather Xojo stuck to new features and bug fixes, myself. Other apps exist for doing documentation.

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There’s an app called like “XJDocs” or something like that - will remember at some point. But its able to load a project file and automatically create docs for Xojo projects. Someone will probably remember the name quicker than I can - it’s alluding me at the moment…


You’re amazing @Jean-Yves_Pochez!

The notes feature is buggy.

Name a SINLGE app for doing documentation of a Xojo project inside the IDE :roll_eyes:

Who uses notes in a project?

I do.

Who has a project to create Nice HTML / PDF documentation of the project???

Yes, my primary app is documented extensively using MS Word, I print to PDF from that.

The more important question (not asked) is who has a detailed HELP menu, and documentation that is searchable ?

One issue is understanding your intended audience - a programmer taking over your code, or users ?

The title of this thread is “Documentation of a Xojo Project”. So, not limited to docs inside a Project, which perforce is limited to comments and Notes.

I have to write in case something happens to me …
(Most likely on heart failure because of the frustration due to the lack of good documentation possibilities in Xojo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

Thanx Guys I will take a look to it…

I think Xojo must first decide if they wanna play in the “professional development league” or stay in the “hobby league…” Looking at Xojo I think they try to bump up to the professional league… If so, then they have to step up to it… If a reasonable requests (as the one of Garry’s) stays in feedback for couple of years because of lack of resources at Xojo, and if it’s financial not possible for Xojo to get more resources … then they have to focus on parts that already in place fix bugs and make the product competitive to a Jetbrain IDE, instead of expanding new OS’s and have multiple os’s in a limited way with a crapy IDE (come on, when we fix something on the left , something on the right breaks … and vice versa )…
Perhaps if they had done a better job on documentation … this would not be the case …

So… Markup :slight_smile:

Thanx guys for me … thread closed, thanx for your responses

You can create a script that Add this kind of comments…

Wauwwww!!! Perfect!!!
Regarding stepping up as Xojo to “the professional league”… why doesn’t buy @Geoff_Perlman not the code of Park Bench software and integrate it into Xojo… This is what we need …

(ok ok … one feature request for xjDocs why don’t use the description of a object (as is in Xojo)
(but it’s also possible that this is allready the case and I have not found it yet))…
xjDocs is now for free… so I think if Geoff gives pays 2k … everybody is happy…

I wonder… “What means “Pro” in the “hobby league” ?”