Did somebody got IDE under Linux compiling for Windows 64 Bit to work?

I just found out that not only building applications for MAC64Bit under Windows is not possible, also building Windows64 Bit Applications under Linux is not possible. Did somebody got it working or is this feature also bundled to future xojo version? And why it is shown as possible if it is not possible?

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Hi Thorsten, if I understand your question it’s been discussed before. The issue is llvm. A fix appears to be in the works.

In the meantime here’s a few potentially relevant threads:

Yes but nobody mentiones that it is also impossible to build 64bit Apps for Windows from Linux, from what I see it has only Mac compiling from Windows or Linux. But the connection to Windows 64 Bit compiling from Linux nobody mentioned. Sorry, I thought it could be another issue. I hoped.

Apparently this was not a popular thing to do, but building for 64-bit Windows using the Linux IDE now works in 2020r1.

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No, it does not. Linking Executable
Failed to execute llvm-cvtres: posix_spawn

I have this Errormessage or I have an empty Folder when trying to compile 64 Bit WEindows with 2020 Release 1.2 downloaded from Xojo Server today.

Hmmm, maybe a packaging issue, please check in “Xojo Resources/Linux” for llvm-cvtres and make sure it’s marked executable.

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"chmod +x"ing the llvm-cvtres file does fix that error. But wow.

Sorry but it is executable. Thanks for reply

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Hope you did not forget compiling on Linux 64 Bit windows. Compiling 64 Bit Linux works

I was able to compile a 64-bit windows application on Mint after doing the chmod. Before that, I got the same error you did. I’m a Linux novice so finding the file was harder than it probably needed to be, though. :slight_smile:

Did it run under windows? Could you try it for me?

I just tried, my little “Hello World” program compiled on Linux and ran on Windows 10 64 bit. Both Mint and Windows are in VMs, but I wouldn’t think that should make a difference.

Okay i will find out what the problem with Ubuntu focal is and report tomorrow