device name of printer


I have my Project About
add device name of printer from my computer to combobox control

how to
thank you

Mac or Windows?

We have a couple of plugin functions for all OS to query printer list. No problem.
Probably also some declares are available for specific platforms.

It’s windows. Seems there are two channels of the same subject.


I know how to do this on the Mac… But not for Windows.

did you see the WindowsPrinterInfoMBS class?

LocalPrinters as WindowsPrinterInfoMBS()

gives you array with all printers.

This seems to be the WinAPI function you need:

And some example (vb6) code:

EDIT: And it’s possible the Xojo code for it is in the Windows Functionality Suite, you should check that too.


Sam Rowlands

How do you do this on Mac?