I am trying to use the new DateTime picker. It displays the correct date when i choose a date but when I try to save the value to a text field with the selecteddate, i get a NIL error. what is the syntax to copy just the date to a string?

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There’s an issue with the SelectedDate property. You should use the DateChanged event and capture the value there.

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You can use the search function in the forum

Can you try something like this:

Var DT As DateTime
Var DTStr As String

DT = DateTimePicker1.SelectedDate
DTStr = DT.Day.ToString + " " + Month(DT.Month) + " " + DT.Year.ToString

Month is a function.

Hi @Allen_Arissa,

This bug has been fixed and will be available in a next release. Please, see case:


So, if I’m understanding this correctly, the only way to get the date currently is to require the user to manually select a date from the control, triggering its DateChanged event? Is this correct?

I hope they fix this soon, as the default (which is “today”) will still be a popular (and needed) option. :slight_smile:

Then it is corrected in 2020r2.1. I’m waiting my wife and her PC windows to test.

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