I’m working with 2019r3.1

Dim d As DateTime = DateTime.FromString(“1977-05-23”)

works fine

Dim d As DateTime = DateTime.FromString(“1977-05-22”)

causes a RuntimeException: “Parse error: date needs to be in the format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM or YYYY-MM-DD”

I have tried other dates, without errors.
So far, it seems that the only problem is with the date that I have indicated above.

can someone explain me?
thank you.

Works for me. Perhaps a copy and paste and something “wrong” in the quotes or the quotes themselves?

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Select the string including the quotes in the ide, then right click “clean invisble characters”

The string may be corrupted (for example on copy and paste)

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Hah! Didn’t know this one yet, good one. Always copying into Sublime Text and back :slight_smile:

thank you for your support.

I had tried with Xojo 2019r3.1 on Windows 10: I confirm that it still does not work.

then I tried with Xojo 2019r3.1 on Windows 10 (Parallel VM on Mac): it works.

finally I tried with Xojo 2020r1.2 on Mac: it doesn’t work.

I don’t understand.

Could this be a localization/language issue? Does the Parallels VM have different settings from the systems where it fails?

I will check the settings well, but I ask myself: why is May 22 fails and May 23 works?
in this behavior localization/language can be important?

keep in mind that I’m working with thousands of different dates and this seems to be the only date with problems.

I can’t make the date crash. Using macOS Catalina with Xojo 2020r1 and Italian language.

I understand that the problem I’ve described may seem at least strange, perhaps not very credible.
I’ve made several tests before writing here.
I will carefully check the settings of the environments I’ve listed and I will update you.
thank you.

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Nope, no worries - interesting issue. Did you try your code with a simple newly created Desktop App, or are you running this code in a larger app? It would be good to create a new app, with nothing else than your sample code and check if that one fails as well or not.

sorry, I had forgotten these details.
it is a webapp.
after the first attempts with my project, for the other tests that i described above, I simply created a new application, inserting that code in the Session.Open event.

a screenshot from a new desktop app with only this code.
Xojo 2019r3.1
Win 10: English
Region: Italy
Regional format: Italian (Italy)

Very strange, this code is just fine and is running for me … :-(. You should open a ticket with Xojo on this.

If you make the string a variable or a constant does ot work then?

Might just be your font, but to me the separators in your string look suspiciously long. Are you sure you used hyphens and not dashes?

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That was my suspicion as well, but then he would likely get an error during compilation and not only at runtime, right? Very, very strange … @Giacomo_Bernardi what happens if you are writing the “buggy” line 4 exactly than line 2?

Dim dNew as DateTime = ...

But I’m sure you tested this already. Do we have anyone here running Xojo on an Italian Windows 10, who could help? These non-English system issues are often a pain in the neck.

Just adding data. Also cannot replicate this issue here.

No, because he’s passing a string into a method. The compiler would have no business parsing that at compile time.

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I messed up “separators” and “quotes” … one way or the other, we’ll either all have a good laugh once we found the solution, or it is a weird serious bug.

I had used a string to simplify.
but using a variable the result is the same