Custom tab systems

Anybody know of any tab systems similar to Alex Restrepo’s custom tab panel.
The screenshots here, caught my attention, I wonder what is used for the designer of this program for the tab panel. Basically, I am wondering which classes/modules, Matthew Combatti, uses for tabs.


I wrote the ones for my tabs. If you like, you can always ask :slight_smile: I’d be glad to share them as I do with most code. You can also use the classes/modules as is, or change the images as you like. I have hundreds of custom controls in every style imaginable from iOS style, mac, glossy, you name it.

I would recommend everyone learn how to use a canvas. Most custom controls you see are canvas based. The Xojo Designer is canvas based as well as the inspector listbox, activity sliders, most of Xojo is canvas based in design. Almost every control in the Xojo Developer’s Library I used to create the software is canvas based except for a few listboxes (the others are canvas based) and combo boxes.

hi matthew, since my application tab panel inside another tab panel, i have been using Restrepo’s custom tab panel since 2006. i would love to have a look at yours and try it out. can your tabs be use inside a tab panel?

Back in 2006, tab panels within a tab panel weren’t supported. They are now. Do you need to use a custom tab panel for other reasons? If not, you can now do tab panel within tab panel using the standard controls. Just fyi.

They can, see the Xojo Developer’s Library application. The tab positioning is “wherever you drop it” and can be locked like anyother control. tabs are custom to any visual liking. Mine in the specified post beginning this thread are polished carbon graphite. I will package and post the class.

the other thing i need is the ability to create tab panel on the fly. I have the screen for client with client name and other stuff on top with addresses on a second tab under first one. and since not every client will have more than one address, the address tab need to be create when you move from one client to another.

I have licensed the tab control and posted the control over at:

[quote=56000:@Matthew Combatti]Hello,
I have licensed the tab control and posted the control over at:[/quote]

link does not work.

Apologies…the webhost began backup maintenance without notice. . The url is now live again.

Ehmm… sounds promising… Do you sell them or is it public domain?

matthew, is there a demo version for your tab control?

Richard I’ve been working on a canvas tab control for a project. If it’s what your needing and I can get it completed, I would be more than happy to share the classes with you. I’m planning on using it to manage a PagePanel.

You can see a screen shot at:

hi johnny, can the colour on the tab customisable? i like the little x to close the tab.

Yes it can… If your using Windows you can download a test app here:

is it possible for the mac too??

This is my first real attempt at making a custom control, but so far I’m getting the results I need.

you did a pretty good job at it. like to try on mac if possible

That looks sharp!

Yours looks sharp too!

*that is Matthew
(Sorry for misspelling your name)