Curiosity: 2018r2 status

What’s the current status? Anyone knows?

• Pre Alpha (only Xojo team knows what’s going on, everything is being discussed and changing, far from ok)
• Closed Alpha (only Xojo team knows what’s going on, but being developed and features can be tested)
• Open Alpha (selected devs have access and see what’s going on, a “real product” now exists, but can abruptly suffer changes, can be very buggy)
• Closed Beta (Feature complete, internal, devs don’t have access, stabilizing to open to devs)
• Beta (Feature complete, devs have access, stabilizing for public release)

Current status is TOP SECRET


If you could be told then you‘d already know. As you don‘t know you obviously can’t be told.

Now I could tell you anyway but then I‘d have to kill you …

You can apply to the beta program and find out.

The first rule of the pre-release program is that we don’t talk about the pre-release program :slight_smile:

Theres a post somewhere on how to join, I’ll find it when I get to my pc

[quote=389948:@]The first rule of the pre-release program is that we don’t talk about the pre-release program :slight_smile:
the second rule is that you must apply the first rule :wink:

He’s already beta tester… :frowning:

I was. Since my subscription seems ended I believe I’ve lost this status. Can’t see that label in my forum account for ages. :smiley:

Well, now I have no idea of how far away we are from a Windows stable release, just will check from time to time as always, and read bkeeneybriefs, no worries. :smiley:

Your status changed in the post above.

[quote=389987:@Emile Schwarz]@Rick:
Your status changed in the post above.[/quote]

:smiley: never noticed any change, no worries, I’m following the public news. :wink:

I almost always am running the latest beta available, and sometimes the latest alpha available. But not always… At this moment I’m running the last release version. So that should tell you that either there is no current beta, or I don’t have access to the current alpha or something has made me not want to run the current beta or any number of other completely unhelpful things that might not tell you anything but in hindsight will make it completely clear :wink:

That’s what I was expecting. Say much saying nothing. The current point is “somewhere” before a Beta. :smiley:

We can neither confirm or deny that.

So, maybe I should mark Markus answer “It’s TOP SECRET” as the correct answer. :smiley:

That’s as good an answer as anything else at this point because we can’t tell you and Xojo won’t tell you.

R2 is a priority.

You can come to our conference and listen to Geoff’s keynote.

6th September in Munich

Well, I do prefer an Important:Beta, more than a Priority:Alpha. So that says nothing to me. :smiley:

Android is being Priority for how long? Two years?

So, maybe Xojo must stop giving information about the Xojo future.

People will discover new stuff when released (excepted some beta testers).