Curiosity: 2018r2 status

That would be a very bad move. Always announce the “in the works” things and even intentions, and check reactions and collect feedbacks. Give feedbacks of advancements, just don’t set date expectations. For features and bugs, the current priority of intentions is ok like “x thing in the works, priority: high/normal/low”. But for releases in the works, knowing the internal status like “development/alpha testing/beta testing”, should not hurt anyone. I don’t care if some release takes 1 or 3 month as beta, or 1 or 3 month as alpha, or 6 month being developed under normal conditions (because if the case is having some problematic bug like a db crash or math error, I expect a dot release like in 48h). But knowing the current status would be great and harmless.

But they do not do that.

Just general information, and people are asking more and quicker (faster) ad nauseam.

I don’t know if you know, but I know that.

Not having the same feelings. But that must be the usual effect of not being enough transparent on what’s going on and having pendencies. Don’t change this original behavior, and the responsive resultant behavior will keep being consistent to the message (or lack of it). Would be great asking “What’s going on now?” and people send us a link to the latest news on the “what’s going on” section of the Xojo Blog for example. Even if the last post if “Great news! 2019R3 entered in the Beta stage TODAY! Not a beta tester? Check our Beta Testing page here”. Things like that.