CubeSQL future?

Works for me just now. It may be intermittent…

weird… have to wait for marco to answer then… i just try again without problem.

This could explain the website issue: Dnsimple, a DNS provider, is experiencing a DDoS.

Hello guys,
really don’t know why website was down but it was a temporary hosting issue.
I took more than usual to reply to some emails because last week I was in USA for a business trip and so I was out of office.

cubeSQL 5 is actively developed by more than a year and some of you are already using a beta version, there are numerous improvements and changes like FILE UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD, up to 50% faster, strong CERTIFIED SSL encryption, hosting support, DATABASE ATTACHMENTs, new Xojo and REALbasic plugins, new ODBC driver, new native .Net (C#) and native drivers and much much more.

There are two issues to solve and I am actively working with a customer in order to identify and fix them and I will not release cubeSQL 5 until these latest two issues will be fixed. They should not take too much time but I don’t know yet if the new version will be released in December or in January.

Hope this post helps to clarify your doubts.
Best regards.

Anyone using CubeSql might want to check out Marco’s Blog.

And I just added a 64bit Windows version to my SQLiteExtension, because an user of CubeSQL asked for it :slight_smile:

Can CubeSQL be used with the Single Desktop version of Xojo?

I’m almost certain that it can since the database plug-in for cubeSQL comes from SQLabs, not Xojo.

(I can’t be 100% sure; even though we use cubeSQL, my Xojo license includes DB access…)

I think Xojo is saying no… So they must be considering CubeSQL a server database and not sqlite.
That’s too bad.

Where is that? Have you asked Marco at SQLabs?

Well, the answer is simple:

If the plugin uses the database class for a subclass, it requires the database license.
If they have their own classes, it’s not requiring one.

e.g. with MBS SQL Plugin:
using SQLConnectionMBS -> no
using SQLDatabaseMBS -> yes

Peter, My friend asked Xojo and just got that answer back.
I have not asked Marco.

OK; simple in principle, but in practice, how do we know if the cubeSQL plugin implements a subclass of the Xojo database class or not?

From the CubeSQL documentation:

CubeSQL REAL Studio plugin inherits directly from the Database class so all the methods
and properties of the Database class can be used directly from within the CubeSQL
plugin. More informations about the Database class can be found online at:

Thanks, Johnny. Sorry for previous misinformation, Alan…

I guess those are very hard to fix issues as February is ending in few days and no news yet.

This is sad. They have such a good product, simple and solid. It is ideal for customers: extremely simple to install and to maintain.

But then, I’d wish they would show the same enthusiasm and dedication for their product as Ruslan is showing for Valentina …

Hello guys,
sorry for the delay in releasing the new version.

cubeSQL version 5 will be officially announced this week.
Just to clarify any speculation, SQLabs will continue to develop, improve and support cubeSQL for the years to come.

No news this Saturday. Just to remember, Sunday, tomorrow, is the first day of the next week in many of the world cultures, including Xojo’s Date.DayOfWeek, and the last day of this week according to ISO 8601. :slight_smile:

It would be good to see the Mavericks startup error with CubeSQL finally fixed. I found it a real pain.