CubeSQL future?

By the end of last year Marco Bambini of SQLabs announced a new version 5 of CubeSQLServer, but then nothing happened and it became rather quiet around the product.

Watching one can see that since some time he and his team are developing a new product which seems to be a competition to the forthcoming iOS target of Xojo: CreoApp

I’m afraid that this will (even more?) alienate Marco and his team from Xojo and may lead to a situation where they neglect CubeSQL. This would be a great loss, because CubeSQL provides two killer features:

  1. The easiest installation and administration of any DBMS around
  2. One can simply upload/download a SQLite database for multiuser or singleuser access.

I hope this is not going to end in a fiasco.

CubeSQL is currently on 5.0.0b23. I also hope this doesn’t go away. I use CubeSQL alot and love it

I’m a big fan also. I’ve been working with CubeSQL via ODBC and had emailed Marco a few month ago. He said they had some big improvements in the CubeSQL ODBC connector in the next release.

I have been using CubeSQL when it was still called RealSQLServer. I love how it is making life so easy simply moving the data file into a share folder and can start using the server version. it is so easy to install and maintain too…

I wouldn’t think there would be any reason for conflict, unless Xojo is being used in the creolabs project.

i think creolabs is not using Xojo at all… more like xCode

[quote]a JavaScript-like syntax with SmallTalk and Objective-C influences.[/quote] … from their website

I hope that cubeSQL stays round for a while. I have invested a lot of time into it recently and would not like to switch to another platform. It works well.

Hello guys,
just would like to reassure you that cubeSQL is actively developed and it will be developed for many years to come.

We are actively working with customers who use the server with load of more than 100 concurrent connections in order to be able to release a bug free version. There is just ONE issue to fix and we’ll release version 5 after that issue will be addressed.

Version 5 will be a major release with a lot of improvements and new features.
Our plan is to release it in about a month (it just depends and that latest remaining issue).

Best regards and thanks a lot for your invaluable support.

Marco, do you have a list of improvements and new features to come in version 5?

And, have you announced upgrade paths, Marco?


Any updates on this? I’ve run into a showstopper bug with CubeSQL that I emailed Marco about last week, but have had no response yet.

Today, the cubesql website appears to be down for me.


I visited it earlier today when it worked…

Can anyone else confirm it is down? Perhaps the issue is on my end?

it’s down for me right now.

It’s down for me as well. I’m hoping that this isn’t a “yikes” situation, as I’ve had occasions in which Marco does take a few days to reply (but he always has)…

Given how old this thread is, and that there still has not been an update to CubeSQL, I’m pretty concerned. Would anyone who uses CubeSQL with the PHP connector be able and willing to help me troubleshoot?

the website is back…

Not here. I’m guessing that maybe SQLabs’ ISP is having issues…

worked for me just a few minutes ago…