Crash in StackTrace() on Ventura

I was recently told by Beatrix Willius that there’s a crash in the RuntimeException.StackTrace function that leads to a hard app crash on macOS Ventura 13.3.

And now a user of my app Arbed tells me about the same - and I can reproduce it, too.

I am surprised that this is not yet discussed here in the Forum - at least I cannot find anything when I search for “stacktrace crash”. Neither on “”.

Is this not yet widely known?

I’m aware of it, but there’s not much I can do but wait for them to fix it. Beatrix has an open ticket: #71271 - Hard crash on Ventura when accessing RuntimeException.stack reloaded


No wonder I could not find it - she called “Stack”, not “StackTrace”. I wrote my own now:

btw, I wrote an app to turn issues links into Markdown summaries :slight_smile:
#72382 - Crash in StackTrace function in macOS Ventura 13.3


My crash was a one-time problem and I didn’t get any more reports. My crash is also from before Ventura 13.3. The new issue for 13.3 is at .

I’ve also received a few crash reports from my MAS apps (via Xcode > Organizer > Crash Reports). It seems to be, as discussed in the issue Beatrix mentioned, a bug related to Ventura and Intel devices… Thomas, when you reproduce the crash - is this on an Intel machine?

Can you observe the crashes only on Intel machines?
I don’t see any problems on ARM.


It seems to happen kind of randomly. I can’t reproduce the problem either.

Sometimes Xojo starts. And sometimes I have to hit the re-open button 3 or 4 times.
It didn’t matter if I had my iMac freshly booted, or after waking up from Sleep.
Also, it doesn’t matter if I have no other apps open or just a whole bunch. :thinking:

But sometimes, weeks, or even months will pass without any problems.

What you are talking about is the dylib loading problem that has been fixed for 13.3. The topic of this thread is that a call to the stack in our apps makes a hard crash.

Ah, my apologies.

Then, off topic: I do have 13.3 installed. And the problem still occurs. I will try to find the right thread.

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Yes, I have crash reports from customers for five different devices running macOS 13.x (starting with 13.0.1) - all Intel, no ARM.

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Oh, blech. Thanks for the info. Please do a report with the other Feedback.

I have forgotten to add the info how to reproduce with Arbed:

It only happens if you compare two (binary) projects. I’ve attached sample projects to my bug report.

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