Could Xojo Apps Be Banned from the App Store? [Official Answer: Nope!]

I’m curious how something like this affects Xojo users.
This was posted on today

Does this mean we’ll need an update to Xojo to submit?
Have they done things like this in the past?

Indeed it’s possible…they did this in 2009 and “undid” it in 2010…I’d ask Xojo customer support to be certain or call Apple.

Asking customer support wouldn’t get you far: we’re not in the loop any more than you. I suspect Apple’s only going to require that applications are submitted with Xcode 5.1.1.

Panic mode ON!

Oh no :-/ Panic panic panic for sure!

I’m not familiar with Apple stuff; however, from what I’m reading they just released 5.1.1 that had significant bug and security fixes. I think they just mean that they won’t take any apps that use a lower version of Xcode than 5.1.1. Perhaps I’m wrong, though…

I didn’t mean “panic”, I just meant “you’ll probably need to use Xcode 5.1.1 for the submission process” and not “you’ll have to use Xcode 5.1.1 to write your apps”.

I hope that’s the case. I’m really starting to get the hang of using Xojo, and my first app is looking really good so far :slight_smile:

“… new apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must be BUILD with Xcode 5.1.1. …”

BUILD is not the same as SUBMITTING.

Hmm… I guess Panic is the correct word here. :frowning:

If Apple insists on the use of XCode for building Apps again, we can forget about using Xojo for building iOS-stuff…

You could also read this as you can’t use previous versions of xcode. Xojo is not xcode, so that wouldn’t apply. Only Apple can answer that for sure.

They’ve said exactly the same thing before regarding other versions of Xcode. The most recent being the Feb 1 2014 deadline of “must build with Xcode 5”- it didn’t mean anything for other dev tools (on that same page: “Make Your Apps Work Seamlessly with iOS 7”) . There are thousands and thousands of iOS/Mac apps written in things other than Xcode on the stores. While it is only a personal opinion- I wouldn’t panic- as they’ve used this wording many times in the past with no impact on other dev tools.

Anyone submitting an app now? :slight_smile:

You lot - calm the beep down! As far as Apple is concerned, Xcode has always been the only way to build apps for the Mac App Store. Just ask DTS any questions…

They just want to enforce those that are using Xcode to build apps, are using the latest version.

Fingers crossed. Scary isn’t it? :slight_smile:

The sentence is definitive and do not let place for interpretation. BUT, I understand it like this:

If you use XCode to create your application(s) and upload them on the App Store, you have to use XCode version 5.1.1 starting May 15, 2014.

In the above sentence, all words count equally (and I hope it is a correct english sentence).


I would not be worried too much. We actually use some parts of XCode to present our apps the same way as if they had been developed with it. And if the MAS accepted exclusively XCode apps, many programs built with other tools would be impacted as well. It would ultimately lead the MAS to loose valuable apps.

Knowing Apple, they will not care less. Only time will tell…

Sorry, i have to laugh:
Someone at Apple farts and the Mac-part of the Xojo-community and -staff is in panic running around with a pile of clean underpants to prevent further hazards. :wink:

I wonder what would happen if Linus Torvald or Bill Gates farts? Probably they will wait untile their pants are ‘fully loaded’ before taking any action and some sadists may even want to light a match. :smiley: