ContainerControl is not a RectControl?

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I’m trying to manipulate controls on a layout aimed at smart control positioning and sizing. I have things working very well with MOST items until I get to a ContainerControl. In my control settings loop, I check for IsA RectControl and the Containers are not being caught.

Is this expected or a bug?

Mac OS
Xojo 2017r3.

Expected. Containers are their own thing.

The container is not the control. That is a different one with another name. You find it when you loop through controls on the window…

I’m not sure how to tell from the new documentation, but in the older documentation ContainerControl doesn’t have the "inherits from RectControl" part at the top, which means exactly what Bob said.

Edit: Oh, I misplaced it, it’s on the right and says it inherits from Object. But this lets us know how IsA will respond. I noticed this after Dave shouted at us in the next post.

CONTAINERCONTROL inherits from OBJECT, just like WINDOW does

RECTCONTROL inherits from]CONTROL which in turn inherits from OBJECT

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To confuse things further, IIRC a containControl IsA Window…

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[quote=378307:@Karen Atkocius]To confuse things further, IIRC a containControl IsA Window…

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    Tested this just now in 2017r3, and holy cow it’s true. Thanks for the tip!

Introspection reports Container Control as Embedded Window…

Yes, isa can be used with EmbeddedWindowControl to detect the container.

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