Conference planing for Europe 2017


We are still undecided for Berlin or Koblenz. Majority is Koblenz, but I wonder if we should try Berlin to see if we can attract different people.

On the dates, we also have some to de

Does anyone know reasons not to take 25.-26.05.2017 or 04.-05.05.2017?


Public holidays in NL

25-26.05 public holiday in France.

But I believe there are more Dutch than French that attend the MBS conferences.

is holiday good?

Is that good or bad ?
I’d expect that because people have the days off for the public holiday they might come ? They definitely have the time off
Or not ?
Or does it matter at all ?

We had a few people last year which could not come due to dates within a free week at school.
So they did a trip with family instead of coming to conference.

Catering to everyone’s schedule is impossible. All you can do is come close.

Sure, but I’d like to make sure that some speakers have a chance to come.

Like Bob, if you would like to come and there is a week you couldn’t leave Kansas, we may consider that.

25th is also Vatertag/Christi Himmelfahrt in parts of Germany?
My ideal days would be Fri 5 to Sat 6, but can sqeeze either of the other two dates
in either city

What do you guys think about this hotel?

Room rate is 128 Euro inclusive of breakfast.
Date could be 4th/5th May 2017.

Ah … I voted for Koblenz :slight_smile:

Much bigger than the Contel Hotel in Koblenz.
I like the intimate atmosphere of the Contel Hotel, although the walls are very hard. :wink:

Is Berlin decided? Would make accomodation much cheaper for me :smiley:

I don’t know the hotel, but I would say choice depends on what attendees want to see in the vicinity. The Kudamm used to be the heart of West Berlin during cold war times, but its importance and attractiveness have declined. Selected, expensive brand stores and the zoo, but the touristic center of Berlin is now more Friedrichshain/Prenzlauer Berg where the dotFMP was being held: A lot of restaurants and evening / night activities possible. I liked the hotel where it was last year, especially the bbq on the roof top.

I think there’s even a few hotels that are a bit more like the very nice Contel in Koblenz. If you want me to, I could try to find a few (but wouldn’t if you decide for the Kudamm which seems to be a very high-quality location).

I used to organize a music seminar in a hotel located in Reinickendorf not too far from the airport Tegel which was very nice, with Feng Shui waterfalls around the conference rooms and all (and very affordable too although 5 stars and excellent cuisine), but there’s nothing much to wander around except for Tegel Forest and lake which can’t compare to Koblenz. Therefore: What surroundings would you all prefer (if it should be Berlin)?

It’s a poker game with the hotels.

For Berlin I would like to see a central location, so I looked around and the Ellington looked fine.
Also I still have option for going with Koblenz.

Koblenz is easy for me, the hotel has affordable prices and is very generous on the conditions.

But the question is if more people come if we move it to one of the bigger cities. Berlin is just an example.

I like the Ellington and I agree with Christian that the hotel should be central

[quote=281899:@Christian Schmitz]What do you guys think about this hotel? [/quote]
This seems to be a nice place, very close to public transportation and close to a nice park,.

@Ulrich Bogun - anyway what hotel, you’re the one who could organize a nice excursion down town Berlin.

Overwhelmed by the possibilities! In case Berlin should be decided, I’d rather discuss the motto of an excursion with Christian and/or collect your ideas. BTW, if you mean the Tiergarten with the close nice park it’s not such a nice walk to it. The most southern part is the Zoo. The area around it is very busy with traffic.

Bahnhof Zoo (yes, the famous one from Christiane F.) is not a far train station anymore. Central station is now Hauptbahnhof (up to the northeast of Tiergarten) and about the main airport next year: Noone knows. It surely will not be BER which will never be finished, and I just heard plans about closing Tegel airport soon too maybe. Officials say you could always take Leipzig airport, or Hamburg …

I fear we may have no international airport in Berlin…
We will see the chaos.

Anyway you guys can fly somewhere else and do some sightseeing first :slight_smile:

Sorry for taking this thread OT, but for anyone capable to read German:
This post from a satirical site: was captured by reality: Some officials have stated that the best way to build the new airport would be to demolish the first attempt …