Conference planing for Europe 2017

The article is from 2013. I’m sure they are now 95% done. Though I always wonder how such huge engineering projects were handled in the past.

The former architect says it cannot be completed successfully:
(Sorry again for OT!!)

Not a problem. Either you use old or new airport.

So 4th May in Berlin is okay for everyone?

Ticket prices from 299 to 499€.
And we really need people to order early.

4th of may ++ in Berlin, fine with me!

4th of may is Ok

I prefer Koblenz rather than Berlin, but if you think that there may be more participants …

4th of may would be fine for me.

I prefer Koblenz, but I would also come to Berlin.

@Ulrich Bogun And it’s your job to inform people on how to declare themselves as business travelers and avoid that hotel tax in Berlin!

@Beda Sellung and @Antonio Rinaldi It is quite likely we are back in Koblenz for 2018.

Hello @Christian Schmitz,

have to say the that i will be there in 2018. I voted for Koblenz because it is easier for me to travel there.
Could have combined the Termin in Koblenz with work. (have a customer near koblenz).

Well, then 2018 again.

You should come to the conference because of the conference.
And Koblenz to Berlin, you can take direct ICE train connection.


You are right. And it is still some time till the conference. So perhaps i may find a way to get the time to come to the conference in berlin. :slight_smile:

I’d have voted for Koblenz too, but I decided to go with the majority’s decision. I am always happy to get out of the business, and Koblenz is really nice.


Of which I don’t have the faintest. :smiley: I’ll be on a short vacation from August 20. to 30. Let’s talk after my return about ways to coordinate, Christian.

Contract signed and a 20000 Euro bet placed on a great conference!

4th and 5th May 2017 conference in Ellington Hotel in Berlin.
3rd and 6th May 2017 training days.

Room rate for attendees is 108 Euro (single) and 118 Euro (double) incl. tax.
The contingent is called “Xojo” and you can reserve by email to
It expires 3 months before conference, so be quick.

If you like to order a conference ticket or sign up as speaker, please email me soon.

I’ll post more on the website next week.

I like Berlin. And I’m volunteering as a speaker if not too many are opposed to it :wink:

I started putting a website online:

Now I need to find speakers :slight_smile: