Closing threads with link to closed thread?

There are certain destinations that, due to the content on those platforms, may be disallowed for the sake of users. That list is reevaluated as necessary, but links to those sites that are deemed unacceptable according to our guidelines will continue to be blocked. Depending on the destination, the following forum guideline may also apply:

Discussion of or links to blogs or websites that share privileged or internal Xojo company information (financials, personnel, etc.) is not permitted.

We also ask that answers are posted on our forum to protect the longevity of posts. Linking responses to any other forums could potentially lead to issues in the future.

For me, personally, if you have to circumvent the automatic filtering of the forum to post a link by getting creative with spacing, adding additional characters, using URL shorteners and so forth, that’s a problem and you should think twice.


I also am finding it annoying that older threads are closed automatically it would seem. What is the logic behind this? Sometimes meaningful information only valuable in context of the thread can surface years later.

For new users coming along, this mean more threads ending in unanswered questions.

This thread is a good example.

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This was discussed at length on a few topics, and most recently here when we disabled the auto-closing functionality.

We are not, however, reopening old topics en masse because there’s just no way to ensure that the ones reopened weren’t closed for a specific reason. If you find a topic that you’d like reopened, please feel free to send a direct message one of the moderators:




First you edited other people’s replies (leaving users unhappy), then you just wiped all responses.

And now the thread no longer exists.

The Internet has a long memory …

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I stand by my previous statements.

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