Please stop locking old outdated topics until you come up with solution so it does not mark them as unread

The forum software presents it this way. I don’t like how it does it. Please refer to the last paragraph of my last post to see how I would prefer to see it.

Which is:

What would “old” be?
Things that were removed from the language in 2012 would be old in 2021, but deprecated things in 2012, still working now (especially when there’s no replacement) would not.

More than a year or two.

Although it may have seemed in jest, I was quite serious about the idea of marking old threads as obviously OLD.


Like having the date appear in search results?


My issue on this is that some of these so-called “old” topics are actually still relevant today, especially considering changes that have been made in code. It would be nice to allow a running conversation on the same topic over the years to see how the solutions, if any, have evolved.

I do not want to search and find multiple closed posts for the same topic(s) and then have to start a 2021 post. I would think that disabling auto-close would result in less data overhead for the forum system, as people would not have to start a whole new thread for a query on a topic that was addressed in 2015 or whatever.

Just my twopence.


As people are continuing to receive unread notifications when topics are auto-closed, auto-closing for new topics has been disabled. Thanks everyone for providing your feedback to help improve the forum experience.


I rarely use Search results. I’m talking about the Suggested Topics, which appears from time to time. These have the dates in barely visible text, and in an ambiguous form. Such a topic might have a date of Jan 17. Is that 17th Jan this year (in which case the topic is current) or is that Jan 2017 (in which case the topic is quite likely NOT current).

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The dates were changed to display YYYY a while back, so they should show the full year when applicable. Previously the distinction was Jan '19 (for Jan 2019) and Jan 19 which I agree is way too subtle. If you are still seeing this let me know and I’ll see what can be done.


I’ll keep my eyes peeled. :grinning:

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Maybe you should check the settings on your monitor or star using some of the accesibility features in your OS to have a good contrast for you.

That form deppends of the context of the post in the thread, If there is no year on there, is from the current year. But, if you need to se a full Date Time stamp, you can put your cursor over the date to see a tooltip with it. Or even click it and see the date time in the pop up window.

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There is two different problems:

a. the date displayed as xx d or whatever… instead of a real date; YYYY-MM-DD

b. The quality of the discussions.
The good entries are hidden inside a flow of other entries.

What is missing, IMHO, is someone who would investigate all entries, test and extract the information, modify the text and code to create a good record and save it; indexed so people can get them easily / faster and know the contents is acurate and working.
I call that “a knowledge base“.


What was the name of the knowledge library in Star Trek ?

Ha, I never use “Suggested Topics” (not even sure if I’ve ever seen it, and if so I’ve ignored it). I either come here to visit (read: kill time) and see what’s been going on lately, or I come to search for help on a specific topic.

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OTOH, I tend to see them, think one looks interesting, and dive in before checking the date properly. Bad habit.

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It ought to be added to the item’s documentations page, really, under Notes.

My bad habit is: if one replies to a very old post, I don’t look at the dates any longer but trust that it is a current topic. But bad habits are there to self-improve. I was in favour of the closing, but I have to admit that those turn out to be right who had concerns. It is probably better to see postings where one is giving the hint that the original post is 10 years old, than anything else.

Web1 posts are essential because Web1 relevant material is disappearing from the documentation. The relevance does not expire in 6 months. Older posts are in fact more likely to be relevant.

But it is still in your Xjo verson who have Web1; in the preferences, set LOCAL documentation.

These are relative dates… until we get YYYY-MM-DD dates, the confusion will remains.

Doesn’t work on Linux.I know I can contact Xojo and they will help me except I am swapping between versions so it involves putting xojo versions into separate private areas which is quite doable on Linux if one has the time. But far easier to look on the forum. :slight_smile:

My pet peeve is when someone replies to an old post, that I had not previously read, with a barely related question and I end up wading through the old, already answered discussion just to find that the a-hole should have started a new thread with a decent title.

My use case may be different, though. I don’t search the forum or use the related suggestions. I browse the forum to keep current on what’s going on. So old stuff just ticks me off.