Closing threads with link to closed thread?

Really? Is this particular case meant with that? When some want to talk about a topic he wasn’t able due to closing the original thread?


I think in this case it might have been a better decision on the part of the OP to provide some sort of new information or spark discussion about something new rather than reposting the exact same thing for effect.

I never close or moderate a discussion in any way based on whether it will make Xojo uncomfortable, that’s not what I’m here for. They’ve charged me with upholding the guidelines, and that’s what I try to do. Whether that happens on a thread praising Xojo, or critical of Xojo. It just only seems to happen one way. The same goes for actions against users.


If you are ever concerned that an error was made, want to request a thread to be re-opened or have a question, comment, etc. please PM a moderator. That’s why we are here and we want the forum to be the best possible experience for everyone. But that is a balancing act. We have rules and we try to follow them as best we can, which helps us keep things organized so people can find answers. That doesn’t mean that the topic is off limits or anything like that.

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I totally understand that it is a balancing act. Thats why I wanted to provide feedback. And not only with facts, but also how it feels sometimes here. Thank you for the answers.

How about also stating out, that the mods and Xojo Inc. also make “mistakes”. I really rarely see something like that here. Could help to calm some people down from time to time. I assume that some discussions hasn’t to be held if this happened a bit more often.

However, thanks for the answers.

We all make mistakes - no one is perfect and we do not claim to be. We are always open to feedback and many decisions that are made are a direct result of that feedback. One example would be the auto-closing of topics, we hoped this would improve the community but it didn’t so it was disabled.


Mistakes are easy, and always pointed out with vigor. People don’t draw attention to when we get it right. It’s a thankless task that we do our best at.


Everyone knows it’s about Xojo banning Norm.

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I personally don’t care about Norm, I care about the release of an unmature Web 2.0 and the hard end of Web 1.0 in the same second, I care about the communication and marketing promises here and here which aren’t held (with the linker only in the first place).

I also care about the Xojo veterans which are leaving Xojo (like you @Hal_Gumbert), not because of the Language, the tool or whatever, but because of the communication of the Inc. with its customers.

And I think it is a pity, because from my perspective I think that so many issues between the userbase and the Inc. could have been solved or even avoided just by a better communication.

@Anthony_G_Cyphers I know that everyone makes mistakes. That absolutely no problem. But instead of saying “There’s a point, we could have act different, we did not because…” your first response was “the OP could have made something different.” Both positions are valid, but the first one would be more open and doesn’t cause the feel that you miss the point and that you don’t understand what I/we were stating.


It can always be said that communication can be better, regardless of venue or issue. We should, I suppose, all strive to be better communicators.


Just say you deleted because there was a banned link to a banned forum from a banned person. Just tell the truth.

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I’m not sure what you’re referencing, but whatever it is has nothing to do with what’s being discussed here.


Generally spoken, it has.

However. As you say everything can always be improved. But that is no excuse if something went wrong nor it is a reason why we should stop complaining about what feels wrong currently.

That is all from my side.

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I, and the other moderators, are happy to hear anyone out any time when they think there’s a problem. I get DMs and emails from users fairly frequently, and I’ve never dismissed a single one. I may not agree, but I’ll certainly hear them out. Feel free to reach out to me if you feel the need.


That’s exactly why we are discussing against automatic-closing threads, by the way.

We can post links to other forums here, correct?

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There are certain destinations that, due to the content on those platforms, may be disallowed for the sake of users. That list is reevaluated as necessary, but links to those sites that are deemed unacceptable according to our guidelines will continue to be blocked. Depending on the destination, the following forum guideline may also apply:

Discussion of or links to blogs or websites that share privileged or internal Xojo company information (financials, personnel, etc.) is not permitted.

We also ask that answers are posted on our forum to protect the longevity of posts. Linking responses to any other forums could potentially lead to issues in the future.

For me, personally, if you have to circumvent the automatic filtering of the forum to post a link by getting creative with spacing, adding additional characters, using URL shorteners and so forth, that’s a problem and you should think twice.


I also am finding it annoying that older threads are closed automatically it would seem. What is the logic behind this? Sometimes meaningful information only valuable in context of the thread can surface years later.

For new users coming along, this mean more threads ending in unanswered questions.

This thread is a good example.

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This was discussed at length on a few topics, and most recently here when we disabled the auto-closing functionality.

We are not, however, reopening old topics en masse because there’s just no way to ensure that the ones reopened weren’t closed for a specific reason. If you find a topic that you’d like reopened, please feel free to send a direct message one of the moderators:




First you edited other people’s replies (leaving users unhappy), then you just wiped all responses.

And now the thread no longer exists.

The Internet has a long memory …

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I stand by my previous statements.

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