CellValueAt and WebListBoxCellRenderer

I add values to a WebListbox, which are created by WebListBoxCellRenderr to show them in Bold or right aligned, for example. With version 2021r1, I was able to read the contents with CallValueAt . And this was a json, so I was able to read the value.

With 2021r2 this doesn’t work any more. As soon as I try to read the value, I get an exception (TypeMismatch). So I don’t know how to read the values now. I need them for later processing.

To store the unformatted value in a CellTag is no real solution, because I use this today for other values. And there are not enough columns free. And I have to change most parts of my applications again.

Does some know a way to get the values from the list.?

There were a few regressions with WebListbox in 2021r2 which we are trying to resolve.

The applications are productive with 2020r1.1 and so I can wait with upgrading.