WebListCellRender changes in 2021.r2

Hello guys,
I encountered a problem when porting my web app to 2021.r2 from r1.
In r1 you could save a weblistcellrender contents into a string.
In r2 the functionality is gone. And i cannot find any way to extract the value of the cell.
I really try to avoid redesign a big part of the app because of that.

The code that i am talking about:

Var style As New WebStyle
style.BackgroundColor = Color.Yellow

'Create a renderer
Var cellRenderer As New WebListBoxStyleRenderer(style, “Hello World!”)
ListBox1.CellValueAt(0,0) = cellRenderer

var s as String = ListBox1.CellValueAt(0,0)
s will have the code of the render in r1 in r2 it throws missmatch exception.

Any suggestions on how to proceed will be very appreciated.

it is the same here. I can’t read the values any more.

This is from another thread.

Let’s hope they will bring it back soon!

Until it’s fixed, I would also store the value in the celltag and get it from there when needed…

yes, I thought also about storing the info in a tag. But I use the tags for some other important information. For example for additional data which I use after selecting the row.

I was able to get the cell value from customized weblistbox (Xojo 2021r2.1):

Var w As New WebListBoxStyleRenderer
w = Me.CellValueAt(row, column)

But, you cannot assign the value to String or Text variable as it was modified via WebStyle


I tried it today with the new beta. But it seems that there is no change.