Calgary Alberta Canada ?

Ill be wearing shorts and a t shirt tonight

I just want to say that I had such a great time tonight at the Calgary Xojo dinner meetup. It was great to put faces to names @Norman Palardy @Eugene Dakin @Andy Broughton and
@Peter Stys - we had a great 4 hour dinner conversation that was most entertaining and knowledgeable.

It was great getting to know you fellas additionally and hope to see many others at XDC 2020.

A great time was had by all

Anyone up for doing something like this with actual presentations & such once a quarter ?

YES! Glad you brought it up again. I had mentioned it but wanted to talk further.

we’d need a small venue of some sort where we could have presentations and then maybe go for a bite to eat
ideas ?
anything suitable in airdrie ?

I’d be happy to sort that part of it out.

Once the mountain passes are safer to travel in the spring, I could be up for attending as well.

My oldest son lives in Edmonton, so I like to get out and visit as often as I can. This would be a great add-on to one of my trips.

I may be out that way in early April as I have some things to deliver to a friend in Vancouver
Maybe we could / should propose a meet up for that time in Vancouver area ?

Sounds like a plan. Let me know if there is anything I can arrange at this end.

I was posting before in this thread

But maybe we need to start a new one?

I added to that existing one

I’d love to do something in the Calgary area, but I will be gone from late Feb until June. Obviously you’re on your own until then, but I’ll do whatever needs doing to get something together for the summer or fall!

Yes, I would be interested in a presentation/lunch. It sounds interesting. It would likely be best to wait until June-ish until Andy is available :slight_smile:

I agree - having a local slave helper makes it easier :slight_smile:

I was thinking more along-the-lines of our group is smaller, and more people tend to have larger numbers of good ideas. Granted, Norman has many good ideas!

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Some of you aren’t on the other forum, so I thought I’d see if I can reach out here to you. Looking to see if there’s any interest in getting together again in the Calgary Area…

@Peter_Stys @Joe_Schumacher @Brian_O_Brien

I would be interested, however, I can’t risk bringing covid-19 back to my wife at home. Any get together would have to be after we get the okay to social gather.


Totally fair, and I understand completely.

I’m also thinking I might want to do a zoom meeting sometime for others in the area that aren’t able to do the face-to-face.

Zoom would be a good way to go for now. Just let me know.


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