Calgary Alberta Canada ?

Anyone up for a meeting ?
Perhaps at Nicks up at McMahon Stadium Sat Jan 11 @ 6:00 ?
For me everything in between now and then is busy

Works for me!

Thanks, Norman!

I sent an email to a dozen people in the area to point to this thread.
And I wish you a great meeting!

Thanks Christian

I suppose you could also send it to anyone in “Alberta” in general
Edmonton is roughly 3 hours away and some might come

Okay, sent a few more emails to the people north of you in Edmonton. Once there is a date, I can email again. Enough for today.

I posted a proposed date and place in the first post :stuck_out_tongue:

Nicks up at McMahon Stadium Sat Jan 11 @ 6:00 ?

I’m out of the country until the 15th of Jan…

@Eugene Dakin Hey don’t forget Eugene!

And @Peter Stys

maybe @Joe Schumacher
and @Zac Belado

I’ll put my name down as a tentative ‘yes’ for Jan 11 :slight_smile: Always lots of stuff keeping me unexpectedly busy.

life happens :slight_smile:
I picked the 11th as I knew before that I’d be a no

Havent been to Nicks in a zillion years
It was where I got my very first paid job
We lived just up 24th street
That was a loooong time ago

Thx Norm, so far looks like I can make it. It will be nice to catch up since your visit to our lab.

still one of the coolest uses of Xojo i’ve run into :slight_smile:

The baby has grown considerably since then, >1M lines of code and counting…

I’m interested in attending. I would have to book a motel overnight stay as a 3.5 hour drive at night is not something I would want to do. My wife and 2 puppies will likely come along as company and stay at the motel while I attend the meet.

Wasn’t sure it you were in Calgary or near there but the 3.5 hours tells me you’re north in Edmonton

Either way - the more the merrier !

@Norman Palardy - I am in Alberta from the 6 - 15 and we are getting back into Calgary from Banff on the 11th - I can’t promise, but I will try hard to get there for the dinner user group as I would like to hang out and talk shop.

My kids are in for a shock for when they see Alberta’s winter temperature :slight_smile: North Carolina is not cold compared :slight_smile:

Friendly bump in case anyone missed this…

Nick’s Steakhouse across from McMahon stadium Sat Jan 11 at 6pm - See you all there!