Build folder for the .debug application

When I run a project in the IDE, it creates a .Debug application in the project folder.

I found:

That is good for me if I can do the same for .Debug application(s)…

Is it possible ?

I’m not aware of an option for moving the .debug file. Why is it needed, it is a temporary file that only exists when running?

I’d also like to have this option. Since my whole Xojo projects folder is on a NAS and Xojo doesn’t support debugging from a NAS (go figure…), each time I try to debug an app, the app freezes and the secd process takes 100% of CPU until I force-quit it.

The only way for me to debug some apps (not all? :man_shrugging:) is to save a temporary copy of the project on my desktop, just to run the app. An option to have a default folder to run a debug app (like in Temporary) would be great.

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It change the modification date of the project even if I do not have made changes to the project.

The project folder goes to the top of its parent folder whose contents is sorted as “Last Modified on the top”…

Also, if by any bad luck the hard disk where a project resides is ejected (1), Xojo quits the application (project running in the IDE).

(1) This happens to me many, many times a day, as I use a laptop and I move it on the table (and where do you also place a laptop ? On your knees ?)… Boring.

This must be what I was seeking, so I suspect it is broken…

I add a window to my current project (for testing) and run (without saving): the application was built in the project folder, not in Documents (look at the screen shot far above…)

We had a similar issue with projects on a network share. We ended up copying locally to solve the problem.

Xojo does not officially support this and you risk project corruption. If you need to share projects between computers, use a source code control system such as GIT.


Then they need to fix that.

I don’t know how to use them. What’s the point of having a NAS if the software can’t support it?

In fact opening a project from a server may cause issues. You should open a drive directly connected to your computer.

How about:
Shared Build Settings → Debug: Destination

Destination: Specifies the path where the app is located when you run it in Debug mode. If not specified, then the app is placed alongside your project file (or in a folder alongside the project file on Windows and Linux).

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They can’t fix it for the same reason that SQLite databases shared over a network are in danger of corruption. Namely, that network file systems routinely lie to the computers that are remote from them, claiming that a write to disk has been completed when in fact it hasn’t.

See in particular Section 2.1 of:

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I’m not really an expert - using SVN is not that hard. XVersion only costs 29$. It doesn’t have the best interface but it does it’s job. Creating a repository and checking out versions is learned in a couple of minutes.

And SVN saves your behind if you screw anything up.


You seem to be correct. But the Pen (just like in many other Properties) does not let the users THINK you can choose a FOLDER if you click there.

Change the pen to a small folder icon and people will understand the meaning of this “Property”.

FYI: I use Xojo since 2013 and I never click in that Pen (N/A in the field, also may be wrong).

I will check if this works later.

A big thanks for this good advice.

You are right. It was what I wanted.

The only problem is … this is set on a Project; for one project; must do that on each and every projects…

A shame to buy an expensive device made for the purpose of sharing files when one ends up having to copy the files to a temporary location, don’t you agree?

Can you elaborate, please?

Works manually, yes. But, since the temporary folder changes each time the computer is restarted (as MacOS chooses a random name for it when it starts), Xojo can’t restore the destination when that folder has been chosen. I end up forgetting to set it back (it resets to “”), the debugged app hangs, secd takes 100% of CPU, I must force quit it, like the debug app and browse to the temporary folder to set it as destination. A permanent setting would replace all these steps.
(I’m choosing the temporary folder specifically, because it’s emptied when MacOS restarts, so I don’t have to remember to do it).

An issue about caching, right?
My NAS uses the brtfs file system, but I don’t know whether the bug mentioned in section 2.1 applies to that system. Perhaps it doesn’t and it’s actually not an issue.
If it does, I understand the fear, but I can’t understand the point of having a NAS if anything it stores is unreliable by default (wouldn’t make sense).

If it’s not free, with the addition that I’m reticent to store my files on the Internet, I won’t consider this option at all.

I tend to agree. It should probably be another kind of button to be intuitive.

Thanks for your answers.

Confused. What does using SVN or Git have to do with storing files on the Internet?

You have to put your files on servers that are outside of your home, correct?

You can use a public repository. But you don’t have to.